Female Netizen Slams Expensive Swab Testing Requirement for Traveling Purposes

Female Netizen

Female Netizen Expresses Dismay Over Expensive Swab Testing Requirement for Traveling Purposes A female netizen lambasted the expensive swab testing requirement for traveling purposes, which only adds to the burden of Filipinos. A Facebook user named Angeli Loren has expressed her disappointment regarding the expensive fee for swab testing amid the coronavirus pandemic. The post … Read more

Vlogger ‘Snake Princess’ Transformation Goes Viral

Snake Princess

Take a look at the stunning transformation of Snake Princess Vlogger Mark Anthony Abucejo, or better known as “Snake Princess,” surprised his supporters when he showed off his new look after undergoing cosmetic surgery. In the vlog uploaded by Rowell Ucat or known as “Medyo Maldito,” Snake Princess was simultaneously greeted by his friends after … Read more

PTV-4 is Investigating a Tweet With ‘#dutertepalpak’


Here’s the official statement of PTV-4 on #dutertepalpak tweet State-run TV station PTV-4 is investigating the spread of a tweet with the hashtag #dutertepalpak posted on their official Twitter account. Recently, the People’s Television Network took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter wherein it shared a report about the call of President Rodrigo Duterte to provide … Read more

Supportive Husband Helps Wife to Make Educational Videos for Online Classes

Supportive Husband

Supportive Husband Goes Viral After Helping Wife to Make Educational Videos A supportive husband takes a video while helping his beloved wife to make educational videos for online classes. Nowadays, most schools in different countries all around the world have shifted from traditional learning to distance learning system amid the coronavirus pandemic. The measures aims … Read more

Maskless Woman Arrested After Asking Cop: “You Going To Arrest Me?”

Maskless Woman Arrested After Declining To Wear Mask Inside Bank/Disrespecting Officer MASKLESS WOMAN ARRESTED – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several protocols were imposed to prevent the spread of the disease. Among these protocols are the basics – social distancing and wearing face masks. However, some people don’t believe in the severity of the virus and … Read more

LAPD Finds Fake ID with Photo of President Duterte

fake ID with Duterte

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) found a fake ID with the photo of President Rodrigo Duterte. Earlier, LAPD Rampart took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter wherein it announced getting a hold of a fake driver’s license with the photo of the president of the Philippines. According to LAPD Rampart, some of their police officers … Read more

Netizen Failed To Open Yakult Now Desperate For Help

Netizen Failed To Open Bottle Of Yakult Pleads For Help YAKULT – A netizen went viral recently after a failed attempt to open a bottle of Yakult. Struggles are a natural part of humanity’s existence. Therefore, as humans brimming with microorganisms, we need Yakult to balance out the good from the bad bacteria. However, what … Read more