Summa Cum Laude Gives Heartwarming Speech During Graduation

Summa Cum Laude Breaks Hearts of Netizens Aft6er Sharing Heartbreaking Story During Graduation Speech

A male graduand who graduated as a ‘Summa cum Laude gives a heartwarming speech to his fellow students on their graduation day.

A Facebook user named Rey Matthew James Volante has shared photos and videos of himself during his graduation day at FEU. The post immediately goes viral online and elicits comments from the netizens.

Volante narrated that he came from a poor family but was able to enter college because of a scholarship. Rey also revealed that he and his siblings even experienced loaning from sari-sari stores just to fill their stomachs.

Summa Cum Laude

Unfortunately, no one tried to help them. He strengthens himself and becomes ordinary after realizing good opportunities do not come to the less fortunate like him.

Before the pandemic started, Matthew’s twin has been imprisoned due to baseless accusations. His mother also passed away due to COVID-19 disease before his sibling was released from jail. A month later, his dad dies of a heart attack.

Matthew expressed his disappointment because they could not afford premium access to quality and proactive health care systems, which resulted in the loss of his loved ones. The latter remained strong for his siblings and endured all the hardships on their way. His perseverance and determination helped him to overcome his struggles.

Summa Cum Laude
Summa Cum Laude

Here is the full post:

“Bilang laki sa hirap, ginawa kong wika ang pagsusumikap at pagtatiyaga. Buong buhay ko, nangangarap ako. Kahapon, natupad na ang isa sa mga pinangarap ko.

More than recognition, being this year’s batch valedictorian is about telling my story: the choices I made, the pains I endured and the humbling breakthroughs I created. As we have a shared experience of pain, grief and struggle, my story has become everyone’s story.

My story is the story of the children who have dreams but were deprived of opportunities because of poverty.

My story is the story of families who were victims of a failing justice system that jails people because they are poor.

My story is the story of those who have lost their loved ones during the pandemic because they cannot afford premium access to quality and proactive health care systems.

And for all of these stories, we have the power and a choice to be brave, to be extraordinary and to battle for the right.

Four years ago, I chose to dream. Two years ago, I chose to be brave. And today, I chose to move forward with my head held high. ”

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