CAT BATH: Here’s a Guide in Bathing Your Cats at Home

Cat Bath

CAT BATH – Here is a guide in bathing your cats at home so you can save money from grooming services without harming your cat and yourself. Bathing a cat undeniably requires the double the efforts. It is mainly because bathing and nail trimming are among the things that most cats do not love most … Read more

PREGNANT CAT: How Long Is the Pregnancy Period? Here are some details…


PREGNANT CAT: Are you wondering how long a cat’s pregnancy is? Below are some details about the cats including their pregnancy. Animals have different gestation periods or the length of pregnancy. Undeniably, cats are among the animals that breed fast – thus, unfortunately, there are a lot of them that are considered “stray cats”.

Can Cats Have Chocolate? Here’s What You Should Know

Can Cats Have Chocolate

CAN CATS HAVE CHOCOLATE – The eyes of a cat are hard to resist whenever it sees its hooman eating something but you must not give in right away. The diet or the food that is given to cats is one of the things that should be carefully considered if you want your furry baby … Read more

Kris Aquino Talks About Her Life-Threatening Illness

kris aquino

Kris Aquino shared her recent health condition Celebrity Kris Aquino talked about her “life-threatening” illness that she has been battling for many years now. Kris is always generous to her fans and social media followers in sharing the stories of her life. It is known to many that the former presidential daughter has been suffering … Read more