Controversial Wheelchair Ramp Closed for Improvements

wheelchair ramp

MMDA to Close Controversial Wheelchair Ramp CLOSED FOR IMPROVEMENTS? – The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced the closure of the wheelchair ramp at the EDSA-Philam station in Quezon City for improvements, following widespread criticism. MMDA Acting Chairman Romando Artes stated that a wheelchair lift would be installed, and the ramp would be adjusted to … Read more

Former ‘Showtime Online U’ Host Ana Ramsey Assures Netizens She’s Happy at ‘Wil to Win’

Ana Ramsey

Ana Ramsey Assures Netizens She’s Happy at ‘Wil to Win’ ANA RAMSEY – The former “Showtime Online U” host assured netizens that she’s happy at “Wil to Win” after leaving ‘It’s Showtime.’ It was on May 15, 2024 when TV5 unveiled The Win Girls as the new co-hosts for Willie Revillame’s game show. The group … Read more

Kobe Paras Kisses Kyline Alcantara on the Forehead

Kobe Paras

Kyline Alcantara Kissed on the Forehead by Kobe Paras KOBE PARAS and KYLINE ALCANTARA – The two are making rounds online after the basketball player kissed the actress on the forehead at his new tattoo shop. The two began to be linked with each other after Kobe showed interest in Kyline through social media. He … Read more

Mukbang Content Creator Eats Sardines Full of MSG and Other Seasonings


Mukbang Content Creator Surprises People With an Unusual Dish ENCANTO BANG – The Mukbang content creator went viral after surprising people with an unusual dish in his vlog. Mukbang is a form of online content creation that originated in South Korea and has gained international popularity. It involves hosts, known as “broadcast jockeys” (BJs), eating … Read more