Snake Massage for P300 in Kalibo, Aklan

snake massage

Snake massage in Aklan? SNAKE MASSAGE – The Kalibo Ostrich Farm in Aklan is offering a unique way of giving relaxing therapy to clients for only P300. The idea was courtesy of Ramon Dio, the owner of the said farm. In an interview via Dapat Alam Mo!, he claimed that undergoing the said massage is … Read more

Mechanic in Pangasinan Turns Scrap Metal into Amazing Artworks

scrap metal artworks

Scrap metal artworks of Denis Fernandez DENIS FERNANDEZ – A 55-year-old mechanic has a one-of-a-kind ability to turn scrap metal into amazing artworks. His scrap metal artworks usually feature animals, mythological characters, and characters from the Bible. Dennis studied architecture during college but he was not able to gradute due to financial problems. Instead, his … Read more

Aiko Melendez Calls Out Airline Company Over Damaged ‘Luxury’ Luggage

Aiko Melendez

Upon arrival in Taiwan, Aiko Melendez found out that her luxury luggage has been damaged AIKO MELENDEZ – The actress-politician took to social media wherein she expressed her disappointment when she learned that her luxury luggage was damaged upon her arrival in Taiwan. It was just recently when she went to the social networking site, … Read more

Palaboy Now a Promotions Manager Because of Viral TikTok Video

palaboy to manager

Jeff de Vera story, from palaboy to promotions manager FROM PALABOY TO MANAGER – Because of a viral TikTok video, a former palaboy or homeless is now a promotions manager. It was on November 2022 when a certain Claudine Abel took a video of Sadha Shiva “Jeff” de Vera, 40. In the video, Jeff can … Read more

Lyka Lagasca – Former Miss Philippines-Earth 2020 Candidate Now a Soldier

Lyka Lagasca

Meet Lyka Lagasca, a former Miss Philippines-Earth 2020 candidate who is now a soldier LYKA LAGASCA – The former Miss Philippines-Earth 2020 candidate is now a soldier of the Philippine Army. The 23-year-old former beauty pageant candidate was hailed 2nd lieutenant of the Philippine Army after passing the Officer Candidate Course or OCC in January … Read more

Tricycle Driver Hits Woman’s Car, Paid the Damage with “Sibuyas”


A tricycle driver gave “sibuyas” to the car owner he hit to cover the damage. DANYOS PERHUWISYO – A tricycle driver collides with a woman’s car and paid for the damage with onions or “sibuyas.” Last January 12, 2023, a certain Axle Gallardo with username u/axle_gallardo, shared on Reddit, an American social news aggregation, content … Read more