Lady Netizen Reacts After Kid Discards Cupcake Wrapper: “We are slowly losing our culture”

Lady Netizen

Lady Netizen Expresses Reaction After Kid Discards Cupcake Wrapper Without Chewing it A lady netizen reacts after a kid discarded the cupcake wrapper without chewing it: “We are slowly losing our culture”. Zcel Hernandez, a Facebook user, recently shared a photo of a discarded cupcake wrapper. The post immediately spread like wildfire online and garnered … Read more

Kamikazee ‘Pinalayas’ by Sorsogon Governor


Why Was Kamikazee Not Allowed to Perform in Sorsogon? KAMIKAZEE – The Filipino rock band was told to leave and was not allowed to perform by the governor of Sorsogon. The OPM band was supposed to perform during the Kasanggayahan Festival in Casiguran, Sorsogon on Sunday, October 1, 2023. However, in a viral video, Governor … Read more

Netizen Orders Gaming Chair Online, Receives Wheelchair Instead

gaming chair vs wheelchair

Expectation: Gaming Chair, Reality: Wheelchair ONLINE SHOPPING SCAM – A netizen turned to social media to express her disappointment after receiving a wheelchair instead of the gaming chair she had ordered online. Online shopping scams have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, posing a significant threat to unsuspecting consumers. These scams typically involve fake online … Read more

Lady Commuter Shares Unusual Experience on MRT: “Modern Day Moses”

Lady Commuter

Lady Commuter Shares Unusual Encounter w/ Fellow Passenger on MRT A lady commuter has shared her unusual experience on MRT where she encountered a fellow passenger she referred to as “modern-day Moses.” Charity Venus, a Facebook user, shared her encounter with a fellow commuter she likened to a “modern-day Moses” for his extraordinary actions in … Read more

Guys Captured on CCTV Stealing from Pasalubong Center

pasalubong center

Two guys were captured on CCTV stealing food items from a pasalubong center in Bacolod THEFT – Two men were captured on closed-circuit television (CCTV) stealing food items from a pasalubong center in Bacolod. A “pasalubong center” is a type of store or shop commonly found in many tourist destinations in the Philippines and other … Read more