Lechon Buwaya Served at a Birthday Celebration in Davao

lechon buwaya

In Davao, a Lechon Buwaya was served at a birthday party LECHON BUWAYA – A roasted crocodile was one of the main dishes at a birthday party in Davao. Lechon is a popular food in the Philippines that is present on special occasions, festivals, holidays, and even birthdays. One of the reasons why a lot … Read more

2 Women Earn Criticisms Online for Acting as ‘Human Parking’

Human Parking

2 Women Act as ‘Human Parking’, Earn Negative Feedbacks From Netizens Two raging women went viral and earned negative feedbacks from the online community for acting as ‘human parking’. Saving a parking slot for someone else in a public parking lot is a contentious issue that has led to many conflicts between drivers. This practice … Read more

Lolo Rider Does Yoga Exercises Before Riding his Motorcycle

Yoga exercises of lolo rider

Yoga exercises of a lolo rider LOLO RIDER – A 60-year-old motorcycle enthusiast took to social media wherein he shared the Yoga exercises he does before riding his motorcycle. Motorcycle riding is an exhilarating experience that provides a sense of freedom and adventure. Riding a motorcycle requires skill, focus, and a deep respect for the … Read more

Gorgeous Alfamart Employee Captures Netizens’ Attention

gorgeous Alfamart employee

Meet the gorgeous employee of Alfamart GORGEOUS ALFAMART EMPLOYEE – A beautiful employee of Alfamart has captured the attention of netizens. When it comes to the concept of being gorgeous, it’s important to remember that true beauty is more than skin deep. While physical appearance can certainly be a factor in someone’s attractiveness, it’s often … Read more

Palawan Town Mayor & Councilor Argued About Long Flag Ceremony

Flag Ceremony

Palawan Town Mayor & Councilor Debates About Lengthy Flag Ceremony Every Monday Mayor Gerandy Danao and councilor Joel Bito-Onon argued about the lengthy flag ceremony in their municipality in Palawan. The flag ceremony is a time-honored tradition that has been a part of Philippine culture for many years. It is an important occasion for all … Read more

Creepy Hand-Like Figure Joins Photo of Male Student and his Classmate

creepy hand-like figure

Hand-like figure appears on photo of student and his classmate CREEPY – A hand-like figure joined in the photo of a male student and his classmate taken inside their school. Ghosts are a fascinating topic that has captured the imagination of people for centuries. They are often described as the spirits or souls of the … Read more

Customer Mistaken a Carwash Vendo Machine to WiFi Vendo Machine

carwash vendo vs WiFi vendo

A customer was surprised that a vendo machine dispersed water instead of WiFi connectivity CARWASH VS WIFI VENDO – A customer mistaken a carwash vendo machine to a WiFi vendo machine. Piso WiFi vendo refers to a type of vending machine that provides internet access to customers for a fee. The term “piso” comes from … Read more

Kabaong Transformed Into BBQ Grill in North Cotabato

Kabaong grill

Kabaong BBQ grill FROM KABAONG TO IHAWAN – A casket was tranformed into a BBQ grill in North Cotabato. Barbecue grills are a beloved tool for cooking food outdoors. These versatile appliances can be powered by gas or charcoal and offer an easy way to cook up delicious meals with a unique smoky flavor. They … Read more