6 Amazing Facts About The Beauty Of Growing Old

Growing Old 2

Unveiling 6 Astonishing Truths About Growing Old GROWING OLD – These six facts examine the process of aging, dispel certain enduring misconceptions about growing old, and delve into the more positive aspects of the later stages of life. A natural part of life is the aging process. While modern society tends to obsess over the … Read more

Toddler Found Dinosaur Footprint on Beach Over 220 Million Years Old

Dinosaur Footprint

4-Year-Old Toddler Found 220-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Footprint on Beach A 4-year-old toddler found a dinosaur footprint, which is over 220 million years old on a beach at Bendricks Bay in Wales. Last Friday (January 29, 2021), National Museum Wales said that a young girl identified as Lily Wilder discovered dinosaur footprints on a beach in Wales. … Read more

Mother Dolphin Adopts Baby Whale – First Known Case

Mother Dolphin Adopts Baby Whale, Still Cares For It After Several Years MOTHER DOLPHIN ADOPTS BABY WHALE – Truly, a mother’s love transcends all walks of life be it humans or our animal counterparts. Throughout the years, we’ve seen unique friendships between animals of different species. Some dogs befriends and gets close to a cat, … Read more

Dog Breathing Underwater – Russian Scientist Show Off Experiment

Russian Science Reveal New Technology, Allows Dog Breathing Underwater RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS – A group of scientists revealed their latest experiment, a dog breathing underwater. Have humans gone too far with science? That has been the primary question asked ever since the field of study flourished. Photos of Russian Scientists experimenting on a dog with their … Read more

5 Eyed Fossil Shrimp Discovered in China, Dubbed as “Missing Link”

5 Eyed Fossil Shrimp

Researchers Discover 5 Eyed Fossil Shrimp in China A 5-eyed fossil shrimp-like creature has been discovered by China’s Yunnan province, which has been dubbed as the “Missing Link”. The shrimp-like creature called as Kylinxia zhangi has been found preserved in fossils at Yunnan province, China. The creature reported lived about 520 million years ago and could … Read more

Mood Swings May Link To Vitamin B Deficiency, Says Studies

Mood Swings

Here’s an explanation of how mood swings may link to Vitamin B deficiency. According to various studies, the symptoms of having mood swings ⁠— including fatigue and mood changes ⁠— were attributed to Vitamin B deficiency. This, as websites Medical News Today and Mayo Clinic cited correlations between mood swings and Vitamin B deficiency. According … Read more

Katherine Johnson Dead At 101

Katherine Johnson

NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson died at the age of 101. Katherine Johnson, a NASA mathematician who portrayed in Hidden Figures movie, died on Monday, February 24. She was 101 years old. This, after NASA, a space agency, confirmed Katherine Johnson’s passing. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that Johnson was “an American hero and her pioneering … Read more