Dog Breathing Underwater – Russian Scientist Show Off Experiment

Russian Science Reveal New Technology, Allows Dog Breathing Underwater

RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS – A group of scientists revealed their latest experiment, a dog breathing underwater.

Have humans gone too far with science? That has been the primary question asked ever since the field of study flourished.

Photos of Russian Scientists experimenting on a dog with their new “liquid breathing technology” went viral. In the disturbing video, you could see a scientist grabbing a dachshund called Nikolas by the legs and dumping him in a container with “oxygen-rich” liquid.

Dog Breathing Underwater – Russian Scientist Show Off Experiment
Image from: IFLScience

As such, the dog was forced to “breath” the liquid instead of air. Meanwhile, according to an article from IFLScience, scientist have also made additional breakthroughs in related experiments.

Based on local reports, the same team of scientists also experimented with another dog. The experiment revealed that the dog could breathe for at least 30 minutes at depths of up to 500 meters or (1,640 feet).

However, the scientist claims that the experiment was “without any health consequences”. Additionally, one of their dogs were able to breath at depths of up to 1,000 meters or 3,280 feet.

As per the article, the “oxygen-rich liquid” is known as liquid perfluorocarbon. This substance has a high amount of oxygen dissolved into it.

Moreover, experiments show that the liquid was perfectly suitable when used as a breathing medium. However, scientists are still discovering the potential long-term effects it may have on the lungs.

Additionally, the trauma and distress that could potentially have a serious effect on the animal. As such, several animal rights activists heavily criticized the experiments on the dogs.

As a response, Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin said the experiments were “justified” as it could potentially “save thousands of human lives”.

Watch the full video here.

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