Bongbong Marcos Says Sara Duterte’s Lack Of Commentary On China Is Not An Issue

Bongbong Marcos, Sara Duterte 3

Sara Duterte’s Silence on China Poses No Concern Says Bongbong Marcos BONGBONG MARCOS – President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said Vice President Sara Duterte’s lack of commentary on China is not an issue. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. expressed on Friday that he is not bothered by Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte’s lack of … Read more

Former Members of KOJC Stage Silent Protest in New York for Quiboloy’s Arrest

KOJC and Quiboloy

For the arrest of Quiboloy, former KOJC members stage a silent protest KOJC – Former members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ staged a silent demonstration outside the Philippine Consulate General’s Office in New York, urging authorities to apprehend Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. Quiboloy, the founder of KOJC, is facing legal charges in both the Philippines … Read more

Duterte Slams Bongbong Marcos: “P*tang in* ka, hindi ka nakatapos”

Duterte vs Marcos

Ex-President Duterte slams President Bongbong Marcos over WPS “gentleman’s agreement” RODRIGO DUTERTE – The former president criticized President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., alleging that he did not finish college. In a press conference on April 11, Duterte said that President Marcos should have contacted him regarding the alleged “gentleman’s agreement” in the West Philippine Sea. It … Read more

Duterte Says Quiboloy Remains Within Sect’s Davao Territory

Rodrigo Duterte, Apollo Quiboloy

Duterte Affirms Quiboloy’s Presence within Sect’s Davao Domain DUTERTE – Former President Rodrigo Duterte said that Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is still within the confines of the KOJC’s territory in Davao. Former President Rodrigo Duterte, acting in his capacity as a lawyer, indicated that he would advise his close associate and spiritual guide Apollo Quiboloy to … Read more

Boy, Aged 8, Hospitalized After Stroke


An 8-year-old boy from Angono, Rizal, was hospitalized after suffering from a stroke caused by a ruptured vein in his brain. The boy, named Krian, woke up one day crying and experiencing symptoms that were attributed to a stroke or disruption in the blood supply to the brain.

8-Year-Old Boy Suffers from Stroke


Stroke Hits 8-Year-Old Boy CHILD STROKE – Maria Ria Serevilla, a mother from Angono, Rizal, is seeking help after her 8-year-old son, Krian, suffered a stroke. Krian was sleeping when he suddenly woke up and began crying. His mother noticed that he couldn’t speak, his saliva was flowing, and he was pointing to his head. … Read more

DENR Issues Statement on Vlogger Handling and Toying with Tarsiers

Official Statement of DENR on Vlogger Handling and Toying with Tarsiers DENR – The Department of Environment and Natural Resources issued a statement regarding vloggers who went viral for handling and toying with Philippine Tarsiers. Handling or toying with tarsiers can have severe consequences due to their sensitive nature and delicate physiology. Tarsiers, as nocturnal … Read more