Former ‘Mangangalakal’ Now a Samgyupsal Grill Owner; Earning Php100K Per Day

samgyupsal grill owner

From “mangangalakal” to samgyupsal grill owner JESSICA ABSALON – The former “mangangalakal” has achieved great success as the owner of a samgyupsal grill business, earning an impressive PHP100,000 per day. Alongside her partner, Kevin Kyle Cadavis, she runs JK Samgyupsal, offering unlimited samgyupsal for only PHP199, which includes various pork options, side dishes, lettuce, rice, … Read more

Online Seller Who Started Out with PHP7K Capital Now a Successful Businesswoman

online seller to successful businesswoman

Meet Ghie Pangilinan, from online seller to successful businesswoman GHIE PANGILINAN – The online seller who started out with seven thousand pesos (P7000) capital is now a successful businesswoman. Rogelyn “Ghie” Pangilinan, a former Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and online seller, shared her inspiring journey on an episode of My Puhunan. Ghie has successfully built … Read more

Super Fan of Elisse Joson Who Used to Scavenge Garbage, Do Laundry, and Consume ‘Pagpag’ in the Past is Now a Successful Businesswoman

Elisse Joson

Meet Amelyn Zafra Medina, a super fan of Elisse Joson who is now a successful businesswoman AMELYN ZAFRA MEDINA – A former garbage collector and laundrywoman at the same time fan of Elisse Joson is now a successful businesswoman. Amelyn, originally from Nueva Ecija, experienced numerous hardships in life but she persevered to overcome them … Read more

Former Vendor of Sweepstakes Tickets and Sampaguita, Now a Successful Businessman in the UK

sweepstakes vendor to businessman

Meet John Belmonte, sweepstakes and sampaguita vendor turned successful businessman JOHN BELMONTE – A Filipino nurse and entrepreneur based in London, recently shared his inspiring story on the program “Juan Home.” From his humble beginnings as a street vendor in Batangas, selling sampaguita and sweepstakes tickets, he has now become a successful business owner and … Read more

Milk Tea Shop Owner Shares Heartwarming Encounter with his Crew: “Hire Someone Who Is Happy for Your Business”

milk tea business

An owner of a milk tea shop shares his heartwarming encounter with his crew MILK TEA SHOP – A business owner took to social media wherein he shared his heartwarming encounter with his crew. Hiring employees who are genuinely happy and enthusiastic about your business is a key factor in building a successful team. When … Read more