Requirements for Master Siomai Franchise Applicants Must Submit — A GUIDE

List of Requirements for Master Siomai Franchise Application

REQUIREMENTS FOR MASTER SIOMAI FRANCHISE – Listed here are the documents required in applying for a franchise of Master Siomai.

Nowadays, more and more people are considering a franchise business. There are restaurant franchising that you can choose from if you have a huge budget and there are also food stall businesses that offer franchising with a more affordable package. One of the popular franchise business in the Philippines is Master Siomai.

Master Siomai

The food products of Master Siomai is a favorite of many people. Undeniably, it is one of the popular franchise businesses in the country. There are only a few requirements for a Master Siomai franchise that may check below.

Requirements for Master Siomai Franchise
Photo Credit: Master Siomai

To apply for a franchise of Master Siomai, here are the documents that you must prepare for submission:

  • completed and signed Master Siomai Franchise Application Form
  • lease offer or written agreement from your lessor
  • at least 2 valid IDs
  • Pictures of proposed location
  • any proof of billing under your name

After checking the requirements for a Master Siomai franchise application, it will also be best to check the steps in applying for a franchise. Here’s a guide:

Step 1 — Find a location where you want to run your own franchise of Master Siomai. In case the location is within a shopping mall, an award notice or lease proposal must be submitted prior to the site evaluation.

If the location is in a busy street, a school or campus, or in a terminal, a written agreement with the lessor certifying that the location will be leased before the evaluation of the site.

Step 2 — Call the hotline of Master Siomai for the schedule of the site evaluation — (02) 8-281-3635 | (02) 8-709-5288 | (02) 8-709-0901 | 09234419958.

Step 3 — Pay a 50% deposit of the total package cost as it is required before the construction of the foodcart.

Step 4 — You must attend the Business Operations meeting set with the franchisor.

Step 5 — The selected crews will have to attend the orientation and the training set by the franchisor.

Step 6 — The signing of the franchise contract will be held.

Step 7 — The full payment must be made before the delivery of the Master Siomai foodcart.

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