Malnourished American Bully Abandoned at School Gate in Rizal

American Bully

In Rizal, a malnourished American Bully was abandoned at a school gate AMERICAN BULLY – A severely malnourished dog, identified as Brandon, was abandoned at a school gate in Binangonan, Rizal, prompting an urgent call for help from the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF). This purebred dog is not only blind but also suffering from a … Read more

13 Dogs Abandoned Outside Motel in Manila

abandoned dogs

In Manila, thirteen dogs were abandoned outside a motel MANILA – A concerned netizen is appealing for help, especially from animal welfare advocates, regarding 13 abandoned dogs at a motel in Sta. Mesa. Abandoning dogs is harmful for several reasons. Firstly, dogs are social animals that rely on human companionship for their well-being. When they … Read more

Chow Chow Personality Traits & Profile — Here’s What You Need To Know…

Chow Chow Personality Traits

Guide on Chow-Chow Personality Traits & Physical Characteristics CHOW CHOW PERSONALITY TRAITS – You can check here the profile of Chow Chow, a popular dog breed, including its temperament. Chow Chows are non-sporting dogs that have originated in China. They have a noticeable presence in many countries including the Philippines. Undeniably, a lot of people … Read more

Golden Retriever Killua Has Rabies


The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) revealed that the slain Golden Retriever named Killua had rabies. Based on the test conducted by the Bureau of Animal Industry over the weekend, Killua tested positive for rabies. The adorable dog was killed by a man in Camarines Sur.

Killua, the Golden Retriever, Tests Positive for Rabies


Golden Retriever Killua has Tested Positive for Rabies KILLUA – The golden retriever killed by a man in Camarines Sur has tested positive for rabies, according to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). In the past few days, Killua, a golden retriever killed in CamSur, has reignited public concern about animal welfare and the need … Read more

Netizens Call for Justice for Erika After Killing of Killua


After Killua, netizens call for justice for another slain dog, Erika JUSTICE FOR ERIKA – Netizens are crying out for justice again, but this time for Erika, the innocent dog killed by a furious Korean. The killing of innocent dogs has reignited public concern about animal welfare and the need for action to protect animals … Read more

Golden Retriever Named Killua Killed, Placed Inside a Sack


“Justice for Killua” trended following the death of the golden retriever, which was attacked by their neighbor and placed inside a sack. According to the individual who killed the poor dog, he was trying to defend his child after the canine attempted to bite his daughter.

Netizens Call for Justice for Killua, the Slain Golden Retriever


Justice for Killua, the Slain Golden Retriever KILLUA – Netizens are crying out for justice following the killing of Killua, a Golden Retriever. On X (formerly known as Twitter), netizens couldn’t help but express their frustration against a certain Anthony Solares, who is said to have killed Killua, a golden retriever. In a video that … Read more