Brendon Urie To End Journey With Panic! At The Disco

Brendon Urie

Brendon Urie: “A journey must end for a new one to begin” BRENDON URIE – The “Panic! At The Disco” frontman recently announced on social media that he decided to end the journey with the band after almost 20 years. “Panic! at the Disco” is a pop-rock band that formed in Las Vegas in 2004. … Read more

Francis M’s “Hologram” Performs With Sons at the Eraserheads Concert

Hologram of Francis M during Eraserheads reunion concert FRANCIS M – Thousands who watched the Eraserheads concert on December 22, 2022 were surprised when the so-called ‘Master Rapper’ Francis Magalona suddenly performed. The band’s opening song was ‘Superproxy’ and joining them on stage is no other than the late Francis M via hologram. They performed … Read more

Ting Ting Tang Tang Singer Involved in a Past Video Scandal

Ting Ting Tang Tang

Did you know the singer of Ting Ting Tang Tang was involve in a video scandal in the past? TING TING TANG TANG – The singer of the TikTok dance craze was involved in a video scandal in the past. The Vietnamese fun-dance pop song “See Tinh,” better known in the Philippines as “Ting Ting … Read more

Ben&Ben Dear Lyrics: Here’s the Lyrics of the Band’s New Single

Ben&Ben Dear Lyrics

BEN&BEN DEAR LYRICS – Here is the lyrics of “Dear”, the newest single released by Pinoy folk band Ben&Ben. Ben&Ben warmed the hearts of its fans and listeners once again after it released a new single entitled “Dear”. It talks about a deep love and overcoming challenges in a relationship.

Jim Paredes to Hold Concert with Boboy Garovillo: “Entrance is P1200”

Jim Paredes and Boboy Garovillo

Jim Paredes and Boboy Garovillo concert P1200 ENTRANCE? – A few weeks after the death of Danny Javier, one of the members of the APO Hiking Society, his colleagues Jim Paredes and Boboy Garovillo will hold a concert. The Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society, later popularly known as APO Hiking Society, or simply APO, is considered … Read more

Chito Miranda Reveals Story Behind Parokya ni Edgar Song “Mang Jose”

Parokya ni Edgar Mang Jose

Here’s the story behind Parokya ni Edgar’s hit song Mang Jose CHITO MIRANDA – The frontman of OPM band Parokya ni Edgar revealed the story behind their hit song, Mang Jose. Chito Miranda whose real name is Alfonso Yanga Miranda Jr. is a singer-songwriter who’s known as one of the founding members and lead singers … Read more