SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – OFIYAA S2 14-inch Triple Laptop Screen Expander (Features, Specs & Price)

Triple Laptop Screen Expander

Introducing the OFIYAA S2 14-inch Triple Laptop Screen Expander SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – The OFIYAA S2 14-inch Triple Laptop Screen Expander is an innovative portable monitor designed to enhance productivity and multitasking capabilities for laptop users The OFIYAA S2 14-inch Triple Laptop Screen Expander is a versatile plug-and-play external dual portable foldable laptop monitor extender. … Read more

SHOOPEE BUDOL FINDS – Make-roscope Lab Kit (Features, Specs & Price)

Make-roscope Lab Kit

Introducing the Make-roscope Lab Kit SHOOPEE BUDOL FINDS – Make-roscope Lab Kit is an ultra-portable keychain microscope that attaches to the front camera of any smartphone or tablet, magnifying organisms from 125X to 400X. Say goodbye to bulky compound light microscopes – the Make-roscope offers a convenient alternative that’s perfect for on-the-go exploration. Recognized for … Read more

SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – Smart Watch Earphone (Features, Specs & Price)

Smart Watch Earphone

Introducing the Smart Watch Earphone SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – The Smart Watch Earphone is a multifunctional wearable device that combines the features of a traditional smartwatch with those of wireless earbuds. With its sleek design and comfortable silicone strap, the device is both stylish and functional. The 1.3-inch TFT display delivers crisp visuals, while the … Read more

SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – LED Outdoor Flashlight Luminous Gloves (Features, Specs & Price)

Flashlight Luminous Gloves

Introducing the LED Outdoor Flashlight Luminous Gloves SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – LED Outdoor Flashlight Luminous Gloves are a type of gloves designed for outdoor activities, particularly for use in low-light or dark conditions. Designed for both practicality and style, these gloves are equipped with LED lights that illuminate your surroundings, making it easier and safer … Read more

Top 12 Budget Smartphone Picks For 2024 In The Philippines


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Top 10 Gaming Tablets: Ultimate Guide For Gamers In The Philippines 2024


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Lenovo: Best Gaming Laptops You Can Buy Right Now

Lenovo Gaming Laptops

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Smartwatch 2023: 9 Best Wearables You Should Buy Today


Top Smartwatches in 2023 SMARTWATCH 2023 – Look through our top picks for the best smartwatches to fit all wrist sizes and budgets. A smartwatch offers convenient shortcuts to calls, fitness tools, music, and more functions, extending beyond familiar choices like the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch. Selecting the right smartwatch for you hinges … Read more

5 Best iPhone Accessories You Can Buy In 2023

iPhone Accesories 1

5 Best iPhone Accessories You Need In 2023 IPHONE ACCESSORIES – Here are the top five (5) iPhone accessories that you need in 2023. From AirPods to screen protectors and car chargers, these are the best accessories for your iPhone. iPhone accessories can enhance your iPhone experience and provide added functionality, protection, and style. These … Read more

List Of iPhone Models That Will Get Apple’s iOS 17

Apple iOS 17 3

Here’s The List Of iPhone Models That Will Get Apple’s iOS 17 APPLE IOS 17 – These iPhone models will receive Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 release. Check if your device is listed there. With the forthcoming release of iOS 17 later this year, the update will introduce various enhancements including Contact Posters, FaceTime upgrades, and … Read more