Meet the Shortest Doctor in the World, Ganesh Baraiya

Ganesh Baraiya

Ganesh Baraiya, the Shortest Doctor in the World INDIA – Ganesh Baraiya. 23. overcame discrimination to become a doctor at just three feet tall, making him the shortest in the world. Ganesh was born in Talaja Thaluka, Gujarat, India, appearing normal at birth. However, by the age of four, his parents noticed that only his … Read more

Who is Dra. Gia Sison?

Gia Sison

Get to know more about mental health advocate Dra. Gia Sison DRA. GIA SISON – Here are some details about the late doctor who was an advocate for mental health. Dra. Gia Sison was a well-known doctor and champion of mental health. She was recognized for her commitment to aiding individuals grappling with mental health … Read more

Brandy Ayala Shows Impressive Progress Since Being Rescued

Brandy Ayala

Impressive progress of Brandy Ayala since being rescued BRANDY AYALA – The former actress has shown impressive progress since being rescued by a team led by Lito Gruet, a former actor and model. In 2023, Brandy’s declining mental health condition attracted media attention, with many believing her situation was beyond repair. However, Lito’s Battle Against … Read more

Who is Jeremy Guiab, the boyfriend of Katrina Halili?

Jeremy Guiab

Some details about Jeremy Guiab, the boyfriend of Katrina Halili. JEREMY GUIAB – Here are some details about the boyfriend of Kapuso actress Katrina Halili, who passed away recently due to a fatal heart attack. His passing was announced by Quezon City 3rd District Councilor Don De Leon. In a Facebook post, the politician noted: … Read more