Promil Gifted Child CJ de Silva Passes Away at 36

Promil Gifted Child CJ de Silva Dies

CJ DE SILVA – The well-known creative director and artist, passed away on Tuesday morning, June 18, 2024, at the age of 36. She first gained recognition as a “Gifted Child” in a 1990s commercial for Promil, a popular formula milk brand.

Her husband, musician and writer Wincy Ong, confirmed her passing through a Facebook post on Wednesday, June 19. Wincy shared that CJ suffered two strokes while in the ICU before finally passing away. He described her as a loving wife, a caring cat-mom to their cats Andres and Max, and a devoted daughter to her parents and uncle.

CJ served as an executive creative director in the advertising industry, where she used her illustration and painting talents to support causes close to her heart. Wincy also reminisced about CJ’s early fame due to the Promil commercial, stating that many people who reached out during her hospitalization remembered her from those ads. He noted that CJ was a gift to those who knew her, beyond her public persona.

Wincy described CJ as a sweet and caring person behind her tough exterior, highlighting the kindness she brought into people’s lives. He mentioned CJ’s wish for a fun and not overly serious funeral, encouraging everyone to celebrate her 36 amazing years with music, conversations, coffee, and good food—things that made her happy.

CJ’s wake will be held at The Heritage Park in Taguig from June 20 to June 22, with her cremation scheduled for Sunday, June 23, 2024.

Meanwhile, The “Promil Gifted Child” was a marketing campaign by Promil, a popular formula milk brand, in the Philippines during the 1990s. The campaign showcased young children who were exceptionally talented in various fields such as arts, music, and academics, promoting the idea that their intelligence and abilities were enhanced by consuming Promil milk.

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