Man from Negros Oriental Tours Luzon Using his Bamboo Bike

bamboo bike

Using a bamboo bike, a man from Negros Oriental toured Luzon BAMBIKE – A young man from Bayawan City, Negros Oriental toured the tourist destinations in Luzon using his bamboo bike. A bamboo bike is a bicycle made primarily or entirely from bamboo, a sustainable material that has gained popularity as an alternative to metal … Read more

7-Month-Old Baby Makes It to Luzon’s Highest Peak, Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag

Meet baby Adam, a 7-month-old boy who made it to Mt. Pulag, the highest peak of Luzon BABY HIKER – A 7-month-old baby boy named Adam, along with his adventurous parents, accomplished the extraordinary feat of conquering Luzon’s highest peak, Mt. Pulag, on their first family hike during Mother’s Day. As reported by Saksi, Adam’s … Read more

Woman Appears to Reach Mount Apo Summit with Help from Friends

Mount Apo

No hike, no problem! Woman “reaches” summit of Mount Apo MOUNT APO – Social media users were entertained by photos showing a woman who appeared to have reached the summit of the highest mountain (peak) and volcano in the Philippines with her friends’ help. Mountain climbing, also known as mountaineering, is the sport or activity … Read more

Mystery Animal Spotted at Rio Grande Valley

mystery animal

Mystery animal at Rio Grande Valley MYSTERY ANIMAL – A mysterious creature was spotted at the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park in Texas, USA. The Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park recently shared on Facebook a photo of a mysterious animal captured on their game camera. The park staff expressed their confusion in identifying the creature, … Read more

Aiko Melendez Calls Out Airline Company Over Damaged ‘Luxury’ Luggage

Aiko Melendez

Upon arrival in Taiwan, Aiko Melendez found out that her luxury luggage has been damaged AIKO MELENDEZ – The actress-politician took to social media wherein she expressed her disappointment when she learned that her luxury luggage was damaged upon her arrival in Taiwan. It was just recently when she went to the social networking site, … Read more