Island in Cagayan for Sale for a Whopping 12 Billion Pesos


P12 Billion-Worth Island in Cagayan? CAGAYAN – An island located in the said province is up for sale for a whopping 12 billion pesos. A real estate agent named Jomar Corpuz posted on Facebook about selling an island called Dalupiri in Cagayan. The island, part of the Babuyan Archipelago, is 5000 hectares with beaches around … Read more

Philippine Christmas Escapes: Travel Destinations to Celebrate the Holidays

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Top 10 Christmas Travel Destinations The Philippines, with its tropical climate, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, offers an enchanting backdrop for a memorable Christmas vacation. The holiday season in this archipelago is not just a time for festive celebrations but also an opportunity to explore the diverse beauty the country has to offer. From breathtaking … Read more

Visa Requirements Per Country — A Guide for Travelers


List of Visa Requirements for Application Process Per Country VISA REQUIREMENTS PER COUNTRY – Here is a guide for travelers with regards to the documents required in applying for a travel visa. to visit a specific country. Is traveling the world also a part of your bucket list? More and more individuals nowadays would prefer … Read more