Monkeypox Transmission – Here’s How this Disease is Transmitted

Monkeypox Transmission

MONKEYPOX TRANSMISSION – There are different ways on how the disease that is now a global health emergency can be transmitted. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox a global health concern amid the growing cases of the disease in several countries abroad. This disease can infect both humans and animals.

Monkeypox Pictures: What the Disease May Look Like on Skin

Monkeypox Pictures

MONKEYPOX PICTURES – Here are some photos that show what the disease may look on the skin as one of the symptoms is skin rashes. Monkeypox, a disease similar to smallpox, is now a global health emergency as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). This disease caused by virus is endemic in some countries … Read more

What Is Monkeypox, Its Symptoms, & How It Spreads

What Is Monkeypox

Are You Wondering What Is Monkeypox & What Are Its Symptoms? WHAT IS MONKEYPOX – Here is a guide from the World Health Organization (WHO) about this disease, its symptoms, and how it can be acquired or transmitted. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox a global health emergency amid the growing cases of the … Read more

Kuya Kim Apologizes Over ‘Ambiguous’ Comment on Monkeypox Transmission

Kuya Kim

After earning backlash, Kuya Kim apologized over his comment on the transmission of Monkeypox KUYA KIM – The television host took to social media wherein he apologized due to his “ambiguous” comment on Monkeypox transmission. Kuya Kim or Kim Atienza whose real name is Alejandro Ilagan Atienza is a television host, actor, weather anchor, YouTube … Read more

Kris Aquino Health Condition – Tarot Card Reader Dismisses ‘Kulam’ Rumors

Kris Aquino

Here’s what a tarot card reader has to say about the health condition of Kris Aquino JOVI VARGAS – A tarot card reader dismissed rumors that the worsening health condition of Kris Aquino was due to “kulam.” The actress-host is currently in the US undergoing treatment brought to her ailments; chronic spontaneous urticaria, autoimmune thyroiditis, … Read more

Clarita Carlos Asks Prayers Over Life-Threatening Illness of Kris Aquino

Clarita Carlos and Kris Aquino

Here’s the reaction of Clarita Carlos to the life-threatening condition of Kris Aquino CLARITA CARLOS – The retired Political Science took to social media wherein she asked for prayers over the life-threatening illness of Kris Aquino. It was just recently when the Queen of All Media revealed that her illness is life-threatening. In an Instagram … Read more

Medical Frontliner Tests Positive for COVID-19, Four Times

medical frontliner

Medical frontliner contracts coronavirus at least four times DR. JENNIFER GASPAR – A medical frontliner from Cavite revealed in a lengthy post on Facebook that she tested positive for COVID-19, four times. COVID-19 is characterized by flu-like symptoms such as fever, difficulty in breathing, cough, and other respiratory problems but a patient may also be positive … Read more

Pia Guanio Reminds Public to Still Follow Protocols Although Fully Vaccinated

Pia Guanio

Here’s the reminder of Pia Guanio about following the protocols PIA GUANIO – The Kapuso host took to the image-sharing platform, Instagram wherein she gave a reminder to her followers on still observing health protocols despite being fully vaccinated. According to her, getting vaccinated doesn’t make a person COVID-19 proof. “It just mitigates the effects, … Read more

#NasaanAngPangulo? Duterte Went Jogging in Malacañang Grounds


Duterte went jogging and motorcycle-riding After the #NasaanAngPangulo trend online, President Rodrigo Duterte jogged in Malacañang grounds last night to show the people that he is in good shape. In Senator Bong Go’s Facebook post, the President can be seen running around the Malacañang Park. Duterte is wearing a facemask and face shield. A photo … Read more