Top 10 Vitamin C Brands in the Philippines 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

2024 Top 10 Vitamin C Brands in the Philippines: A Comprehensive Guide

VITAMIN C BRANDS – If you’re seeking the most suitable option for yourself and your family, we’ve made your search easier by presenting a list of FDA-approved Vitamin C products in the Philippines.

Vitamin C has long been recognized as a crucial nutrient for maintaining a robust immune system and overall health. Its renowned antioxidant properties and ability to enhance immune function are well-established. While it’s possible to obtain Vitamin C from various dietary sources, sometimes dietary intake alone may not suffice to meet daily requirements. In such instances, supplementing with Vitamin C can offer a convenient and effective solution to ensure adequate intake.

Fortunately, there are several high-quality Vitamin C supplements available in the Philippines to address this need. These supplements are offered in various forms such as tablets, capsules, and powders, catering to individual preferences. To simplify your search for the best option for you and your family, we have compiled a list of Vitamin C supplements approved by the FDA Philippines.

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Kirkland with Rosehip Vitamin C

Kirkland Signature is committed to delivering quality and value to consumers. Their Vitamin C supplement provides authentic vitamins and supplements at accessible prices. With a large bottle containing 500 pieces of vitamins, you can ensure an ample supply for your family’s needs.

Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C

Puritan’s Pride is another reputable brand offering a high-quality Vitamin C supplement in the Philippines. This supplement provides a dependable source of Vitamin C to bolster your immune system and overall well-being. Formulated to deliver optimal intake, it offers an effective way to meet your Vitamin C requirements.

Nature Made Super Vitamin C

Nature Made Super C stands out as a reputable brand, providing a high-potency Vitamin C supplement. Renowned for its potent formulation and quality, it is a preferred choice for those seeking to enhance their immune system. This supplement offers a convenient means of ensuring sufficient Vitamin C intake for overall health and well-being.

RiteMed Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C

Given its generic nature, RiteMed Ascorbic Acid comes at an exceptionally affordable price. Each tablet is priced at only P2.25, making it a cost-effective option that lasts for several months. Whether you aim to strengthen your immune system or promote overall health, RiteMed Ascorbic Acid delivers excellent value with its quality formulation and budget-friendly cost.

Poten Cee Forte Vitamin C

Recognized as one of the top Vitamin C brands in the Philippines, Poten Cee offers a range of variants with different dosages and formulations, including the 1000g/tablet option. Its popularity stems from the high potency and effectiveness it provides, making it a favored choice for individuals seeking a more robust Vitamin C dose.

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ImmunPro Sodium Ascorbate with Zinc Vitamin C

Teenagers, with their active lifestyles and growing bodies, often face various health challenges. To address their needs, a dependable source of Vitamin C is essential. ImmunPro, a reliable sodium ascorbate brand, caters to the requirements of teenagers, offering effective support for their immune system and overall health.

WATSONS Glutathione Effervescent Vitamin C

For those desiring a Vitamin C supplement that not only aids immune function but also brings added benefits like antioxidant protection and skin health, the WATSONS Vitamin C tablet is an excellent option. This effervescent tablet provides a convenient and invigorating method to intake these essential nutrients simultaneously, combining Vitamin C and Glutathione for overall health and well-being.

Nature Made Iron with Vitamin C Gummies

The Nature Made Iron with Vitamin C Gummies stands out as a preferred supplement for adults seeking the advantages of both vitamin C and iron. These gummies offer a pleasant and convenient way to integrate these crucial nutrients into daily routines. By merging vitamin C and iron, Nature Made Gummies provide a comprehensive solution to support immune function and promote the production of healthy red blood cells, thereby enhancing energy levels.

Health Fusion Vitamin C

Tailored for adults who favor a chewable supplement, Health Fusion Vitamin C gummies emerge as the optimal choice. These gummies provide a convenient avenue for obtaining your daily vitamin C intake, accompanied by a delightful orange flavor that makes consumption enjoyable.

Ceelin Plus Syrup Vitamin C

Ceelin Plus Syrup is ideal for those who favor liquid supplements or encounter challenges in swallowing pills. Pediatricians particularly endorse this formulation for children. Ceelin Plus syrup offers a convenient method for delivering the required Vitamin C dosage to children.

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