Motorist Almost Fell From a Wooden Bridge After Crossing It by Following the GPS

After following the GPS, a motorist almost fell from a wooden bridge while crossing it

GPS – A motorist almost fell from a wooden bridge after crossing it by following the Global Positioning System.

An incident reminiscent of a scene from a comedy film occurred to a woman driving her car on January 28, 2024. The unnamed driver is Thai. In the image shared by the news website NDTV on February 1, a white Honda Sedan can be seen crossing the Wiang Thong Bridge in Thailand. The bridge is made of wood and is situated above the Yom River.

Unfortunately, the Wiang Thong Bridge can only be crossed by pedestrians and is unsuitable for vehicles. After the car moved forward for about 15 meters, the wooden planks of the bridge began to crack.

The left front tire stuck between the cracked wooden planks, preventing further movement. The female driver was unsure of what to do. Fortunately, a Thai man named Makun Inchan happened to pass by the bridge. He immediately called emergency responders.

Due to the precarious situation of the female driver and her car, rescue personnel quickly arrived. But the challenge was how to remove the stuck car. They used two heavy pieces of equipment, and the rescue operation went smoothly.

In an interview with Pattaya News, a Thai news website, the female driver said she came from the Nong Muang Khai district. She was on her way to visit a friend in Sung Men. Since she was unfamiliar with the area and had never been there before, she relied heavily on the GPS to navigate to the exact locations sent to her by her friend.

She said the GPS guided her to cross the Wiang Thong Bridge. She allegedly had no idea that vehicles were not allowed to cross there. She claimed to have exited the car to look for help. That’s when Makun Inchan spotted her. The incident was posted on Instagram by WeirdKaya, a community news platform managed by Malaysian youth.

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