Motorist Laughs to Man’s Hilarious Response for Traffic: “Daming sasakyan e”


Motorist Shares Video of Man’s Hilarious Response to His Query About Traffic Jam A motorist laughs after hearing a man’s hilarious response to heavy traffic congestion in the area; “Daming sasakyan e.” In the Philippines, moving around in cities often involves dealing with congested traffic and other related issues. Every day, traffic conditions get worse, … Read more

Motorist Shares Frustrating Experience After Resolving Previous Traffic Violation


Motorist Posts Video of Another Frustrating Experience After Resolving Previous Traffic Violation A motorist has shared his frustrating experience after resolving a previous traffic violation. For drivers, navigating through traffic violations may be a difficult and infuriating task. When you think you’ve solved one problem, another one appears out of nowhere. A motorist’s story depicts … Read more

Motorist Flexes Laminated Paper Driver’s License: “Gaano kalaki lisensya mo?”


Motorist Posts Laminated Paper Driver’s License He Acquired From LTO A Pinoy motorist goes viral and earns reactions online after flexing his laminated paper driver’s license that wouldn’t fit into wallet. Recently, a Facebook user named PJ Rosales shared a photo that caught the attention of many netizens. The photo showcased his newly renewed driver’s … Read more

Traffic Enforcers Refuse to Apprehend Cop Who Commit Traffic Violation

Traffic Enforcers

Traffic Enforcers Caught on Camera Refusing to Apprehend Cop Who Commit Traffic Violations Several traffic enforcers were caught on camera refusing to apprehend a policeman who commits multiple traffic violations. The Facebook page “News viral” has shared the video footage of some traffic enforcers who refused to apprehend a police officer who violated several traffic … Read more

Motorist Asks Government To Remove “Bawal Angkas” Policy After ECQ


Motorist Asks Government To Remove “Bawal Angkas” Policy After Enhanced Community Quarantine A certain motorist is asking the government to lift up the “Bawal Angkas” policy for those who were living in the same household after the enhanced community quarantine. The Philippine government is currently implementing the enhanced community quarantine over the entire Luzon and … Read more

Kind-Hearted Rider Gives Help To Family Asking for Financial Assistance

Kind-Hearted Rider

Inspiring Photos of Kind-Hearted Rider Helping Family Asking for Financial Assistance Goes Viral Online HUMANITY RESTORED – The photos of a kind-hearted rider giving help to a poor family asking for financial assistance earns praises online. A week ago, President Rodrigo Duterte has placed the entire Luzon over an enhanced community quarantine to restrict the … Read more