Motorist Laughs to Man’s Hilarious Response for Traffic: “Daming sasakyan e”

Motorist Shares Video of Man’s Hilarious Response to His Query About Traffic Jam

A motorist laughs after hearing a man’s hilarious response to heavy traffic congestion in the area; “Daming sasakyan e.”

In the Philippines, moving around in cities often involves dealing with congested traffic and other related issues. Every day, traffic conditions get worse, whether in crowded cities or on busy routes.

One of the most prominent issues is traffic congestion, particularly in major cities like Metro Manila. The sheer volume of vehicles on the road, coupled with inadequate road infrastructure and inefficient traffic management systems, leads to long queues of cars, buses, and motorcycles during peak hours.


The Philippines’ public transportation system struggles to meet the demands of the growing population. Limited options, unreliable services, and overcrowded vehicles contribute to traffic congestion as many Filipinos heavily rely on private vehicles for commuting.

Many roads in the Philippines suffer from poor maintenance, potholes, and improper signage, making driving not only frustrating but also dangerous. These road conditions slow down traffic flow and contribute to accidents and delays.

As more people move to cities in search of opportunity, there is a corresponding increase in traffic congestion due to quick urbanization and population growth.

@jpes1997 #fyp #nasugbu #tagaytay ♬ original sound – JPES

Recently, a TikTok user jpes1997 shared a video capturing an unusual response from a man to his fellow motorist’s query about the cause of traffic. The post quickly went viral, eliciting various reactions online.

A funny exchange between two motorists has been making the rounds on TikTok, leaving netizens in stitches.

In a similar post, a motorist almost fell from a wooden bridge after crossing it by following the GPS

In the video, a motorcycle rider can be seen asking a man waiting in traffic why the road is congested. “Tay, bakit traffic, tay?” the motorist asks. The motorist can’t help but chuckle at the man’s response, who simply replies, “Daming sasakyan e.”

As of this writing the true reason behind the traffic on the road remains unknown.

The internet users expressed their reactions to the incident:


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