88-Year-Old Grandmother Begs for Grandson’s Tuition

88-Year-Old Grandmother

88-Year-Old Grandmother Breaks Hearts of Netizens After Begging Money for Grandson’s Tuition An 88-year-old grandmother has been seen begging on the streets to support her eight-year-old grandson’s education. The Facebook page “Daddy Mike Kitchen” shared a video of an elderly woman begging on the streets for her grandson. The post quickly circulates online and elicited … Read more

Cake Vendor Disheartened After Boxes of Cakes Damaged by Non-Buying Customers

Cake Vendor

Cake Vendor Expresses Dismay After Non-Buying Customers Opens Cakes Boxes A cake vendor expressed her frustration after several boxes of her cakes were damaged by customers who didn’t intend to buy them. Recently, the Facebook page “Dainty Cakes by Pia” shared a photo of her damaged cake boxes after opened by non-buying customers. The post … Read more

Grandfather’s Emotional Homecoming After Hospital Discharge Goes Viral

Emotional Homecoming

Grandfather’s Emotional Homecoming After Hospital Discharge Elicits Reactions Online SUBIC, ZAMBALES – A grandfather’s emotional homecoming after being discharged from the hospital goes viral online. Recently, Anika Arrojo, a TikTok user, shared a touching video of her grandfather after being discharged from the hospital. The video immediately circulated and elicited comments from the online community. … Read more

Barista Shares Customer’s Reaction to His Latte Art “1st time ako mapagalitan ng customer”


Barista Shares Encounter with Customer’s Reaction to His Coffee Art A barista shared the reaction of his customer to his latte art, saying, “1st time ako mapagalitan ng customer.” A barista is a person who specializes in preparing and serving coffee-based beverages, particularly espresso-based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. Baristas typically work in coffee … Read more

Honest Airport Cleaner Returns Passenger’s Bag w/ P50,000

Airport Cleaner

Honest Airport Cleaner Earns Praise From Netizens for Returning Passenger’s Bag Containing P50,000 An honest airport cleaner earns praise and admiration from the online community for returning a passenger’s bag containing P50,000. Honesty is one of the most important values we can have. It means always telling the truth and being sincere with others. When … Read more

Student Expresses Dismay Over Rude Response from School to Inquiry


Student Receives Rude Response from School to Inquiry An incoming Grade 11 student shared her disappointment over the rude response she received from a school regarding her friend’s enrollment inquiry. Recently, Mavi Sol, a former student of Jacobo Z. Gonzales Memorial National High School (JZGMNHS), took to Facebook to share the unprofessional reply from Biñan … Read more