Motorist Flexes Laminated Paper Driver’s License: “Gaano kalaki lisensya mo?”

Motorist Posts Laminated Paper Driver’s License He Acquired From LTO

A Pinoy motorist goes viral and earns reactions online after flexing his laminated paper driver’s license that wouldn’t fit into wallet.

Recently, a Facebook user named PJ Rosales shared a photo that caught the attention of many netizens. The photo showcased his newly renewed driver’s license, which he took from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) located at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Manila on April 24.

However, what made this driver’s license unique was that PJ had laminated it to protect the paper from getting crumpled.


Rosales mentioned that he paid a fee of P550 for the driver’s license, and an additional P40 to have it laminated. He explained that the license was laminated it to ensure its durability. The license was too big to fit into his wallet.

He also shared a comparison of the size of the laminated driver’s license with two cards, revealing that it measured approximately five inches by 7.5 inches, slightly smaller than a short bond paper.

PJ’s observation also noted that the size of the paper driver’s license may vary depending on the branch of the LTO.


The motorist pointed out that the temporary driver’s license would be shown at the front, while the official receipt and a unique QR code to validate the temporary ID would be at the back, as per the LTO’s guidelines.

The reason behind the laminating trend for driver’s licenses can be attributed to the plastic card shortage issue faced by the LTO. The agency extends the validity of driver’s licenses expiring from April 24 onwards to October 31, 2023, without imposing penalties for late renewal.

This move aims to address the issue and provide temporary relief to motorists while the LTO resolves the plastic card shortage concern.

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