Traffic Enforcers Refuse to Apprehend Cop Who Commit Traffic Violation

Traffic Enforcers Caught on Camera Refusing to Apprehend Cop Who Commit Traffic Violations

Several traffic enforcers were caught on camera refusing to apprehend a policeman who commits multiple traffic violations.

The Facebook page “News viral” has shared the video footage of some traffic enforcers who refused to apprehend a police officer who violated several traffic policies. The video is now circulating online after it was posted on social media.

In the video, it can be seen that the policeman is not wearing a crash helmet and disregarded the traffic law after beating the red light. The cop fearlessly crossed the road although knowing that he violated the traffic policies.

Traffic Enforcers

The motorist who witnessed the incident asked the traffic enforcers why they did not apprehend the abusive policeman who commit multiple traffic violations. The traffic personnel explained that they exempt cops from apprehension.

The motorcycle rider has also expressed his disappointment saying “kunsenti no, dapat huhulihin niyo sila kasi mali ginagawa nila eh, kung ako sa inyo huhulihin ko yun.”

Traffic Enforcers

The video has a caption of:

Yan ang mga pulis na pasaway”

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