Single Mom Shares Heartfelt Encounter w/ Beggar: “Ang unfair ng buhay”

Single Mom Touches Many Hearts After Sharing her Heartfelt Encounter w/ Beggar

A single mom goes viral online after sharing her heartfelt encounter with a beggar, saying, “Ang unfair ng buhay”.

Recently, Ellie A. Rariza, a Facebook user, shared a touching encounter she had with a young beggar. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and elicited reactions from the online community.

In her post, Ellie recounted how she and her partner encountered a young beggar who was only asking for food to satisfy his hunger. Despite their offer of money, the beggar politely refused and humbly requested food instead.

Single Mom

Rariza was deeply moved by this encounter, realizing the difference between her own blessed life and the struggles faced by others.

The lady netizen reflected on her own situation as a single mother without a job, yet still able to provide for her children’s education and enjoy three meals a day. She admitted to occasionally complaining about material things, but the young beggar’s simple request for a single meal points out the unfairness of life’s circumstances.

The single mom recognized that there are many others, like the young beggar, who are less fortunate and in greater need of help. She felt humbled and acknowledged her own privilege, realizing that she has no right to complain when others are facing much greater hardships.

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The compassionate woman ordered food for the young beggar—a simple meal of spaghetti with chicken and fries with drinks from Wendy’s near the airport in Paranaque, worth only P179.

Although it may seem like a small gesture, Ellie was deeply touched by the beggar’s overwhelming gratitude after he had eaten.

The woman made a commitment to herself to try her best to help others in any way she can. She prayed for the young beggar’s well-being and hoped that his life would improve in the days to come.

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Single Mom

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