Former Cameraman Now a Successful Businessman

Story of former cameraman turned businessman

CAMERAMAN TO BUSINESSMAN – From being a cameraman before, Mark Vasquez is now a successful entrepreneur who owns 5 branches of “Coffee Buddy.”

The young entrepreneur shared his journey from being a cameraman to establishing his own business. “I used to be a cameraman, and while doing my camera work, my wife and I were already thinking about starting a business,” said Vasquez.

According to him, the capital for their business venture came from their respective 13th-month pay. “Yung puhunan namin ay kinuha namin sa bonus o yung sa 13th month pay noong 2019,” he added. “Nag-umpisa po kami P10,000, bali tig P5,000 kami ng misis ko.”

If calculated, he mentioned that their profit from selling coffee is around 60%. He also gave a tip for those who want to start a business, saying that all they need is “knowledge about coffee and the market.”

Moreover, he emphasized that the skills he acquired while working in the media industry are also applied in his current job. He serves as the social media manager for their business, using his expertise to market it to the public.

Meanwhile, to start a coffee shop, begin by looking around and figuring out what people like to drink and where they like to hang out. Make a plan that talks about what your coffee place will be like, what you’ll sell, and how much money you think you’ll make.

Next, make sure you’re allowed to open your coffee shop in your area by talking to the people in charge and getting the right permissions. Find a good spot for your coffee place, one where lots of people walk by and want to stop in. Inside, make it comfy with nice chairs and good colors.

Buy coffee beans from a good place and machines to make the coffee taste really good. Think about what food and snacks you want to sell too. Find nice people who know how to make coffee and work well with customers to help you run the shop.

Tell people about your coffee shop using simple ads and signs. Make it easy for people to pay with a cash register or card machine. Keep everything clean and friendly so that people want to come back. Pay attention to how much money you make and spend. If you’re making good coffee and treating people right, your coffee shop will grow and become a favorite spot for the neighborhood.

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