5 Eyed Fossil Shrimp Discovered in China, Dubbed as “Missing Link”

Researchers Discover 5 Eyed Fossil Shrimp in China

A 5-eyed fossil shrimp-like creature has been discovered by China’s Yunnan province, which has been dubbed as the “Missing Link”.

The shrimp-like creature called as Kylinxia zhangi has been found preserved in fossils at Yunnan province, China. The creature reported lived about 520 million years ago and could be the key on “missing link” in evolution of arthropods.

Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology (NIGPAS) researcher Han Zeng said that the fossil predicted on Charles Darwin’s evolution theory is quite similar to Kylinxia. He concludes that it might bridge the gap on the arthropod evolution.

5 Eyed Fossil Shrimp

Arthropods are species with hard exoskeleton with a hard shell, legs with joint, and segmented body such as lobsters and crabs. It also includes spiders and millipedes. Previously, the researchers discovered similar creatures with three smaller ones on its head.

“It bridges the evolutionary gap from Anomalocaris to true arthropods and forms a key ‘missing link’ in the origin of arthropods,” Zeng said.

The term “Kylin” is a creature in traditional Chinese mythology referring attributes from different types of animals.

5 Eyed Fossil Shrimp

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