The Soul Of The Great Bell Summary (Short Summary)

Here Is The Summary Of “The Soul Of The Great Bell”

THE SOUL OF THE GREAT BELL – In this article, we are going to learn about the “Soul of the Great Bell” through a short summary.

Way back 500 years, prominent bell smiths and molders are commanded by the Celestial August and Yung-Lo to make a bell with a sound reaching 100 Li. The creation was lead by Kouan-Yu and within the two trials of casting a bell, it still can’t mold gold, silver, brass, and iron.

The Soul Of The Great Bell Summary (Short Summary)
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In the first failure that the Son of Heaven heard of, he felt anger but didn’t let out a word. Though, when he knew that they still failed the second time, his anger grew, and threatened Kouan-Yu with a letter telling him of a consequence of death if they wouldn’t be successful in casting the bell.

Ko-Ngai, the daughter of Kouan-Yu bearing a beautiful heart, saw the letter but she kept it to herself. Thinking of helping her father, she traded her jewelry and gold to afford an astrologer.

In her meeting with the astrologer, the latter informed her that there’s no way gold and brass would meet in wedlock, that silver and iron would only be together in the presence of flesh from a maiden melted in a crucible and the blood of a virgin must be mixed in the metal fusion.

Following what the astrologer advised her, she leaped in the crucible for the third attempt. Though Kouan-Yu felt sorrow about what happened, orders of the Celestial August and Yung-Lo are final and irrevocable. Finally, the bell was cast successfully and as the bell was rung, it created a sound that no other bells could be compared

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