More Than 6,000 People in China Tested Positive for Brucellosis

Over 6,000 positive for Brucellosis in China

More than 6,000 people in China, where COVID-19 began, tested positive for an infectious bacterial disease called Brucellosis.

More Than 6,000 People in China Tested Positive for Brucellosis
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According to Global Times, 6,620 people were infected by the disease particularly in Lanzhou, Northwest China.

The report added that the outbreak was due to the leakage of bacteria-containing aerosols from an expired disinfectant used in Brucella vaccine production at a biological pharmaceutical factory called Zhongmu Lanzhou.

The incident allegedly happened between July and August 2019.

An official of the Lanzhou Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that eight people responsible for the incident were “severely punished.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Brucellosis is an infectious bacterial disease caused by brucella.

The disease can be transmitted through infected animals or animal products contaminated with the bacteria.

It causes flu-like symptoms such as fever, body pain particularly in muscle or joints, back fatigues, headache, sweats, malaise, and anorexia.

Other signs and symptoms based on Reuters via ABS-CBN News may include “recurrent fevers, arthritis, swelling of the testicle and scrotum area, swelling of the heart (endocarditis), neurologic symptoms (in up to 5% of all cases), chronic fatigue, depression, and swelling of the liver and/or spleen.”

So far, there are no reported cases of Brucellosis in the Philippines.

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