White Police Officers Use Guns More Than Black Officers, Says US Study

White police officers were more likely to use their firearms compared to black police officers, according to a US study.

According to a recent study from the United States, white police officers were more likely to use their firearms compared to black police officers.

This, after the said study was published on Monday, reinforcing a sentiment often expressed by minority communities in the United States.

White Police Officers
Photo from AFP News

As written by Mark Hoekstra and CarlyWill Sloan, economists from Texas A&M University, white police officers “use gun force twice as often” on average as their non-white colleagues when called on emergency response operations, adding that “while white and black officers use gun force at similar rates in white and racially mixed neighborhoods, white officers are five times as likely to use gun force in predominantly black neighborhoods.”

The said study was submitted for discussion on the website of the National Bureau of Economic Research. The researchers combed through more than two million calls to the 911 emergency line in two major cities in the United States, which were not specified in the study, those dispatch officers randomly.

Hoekstra and Sloan also wrote that the sample didn’t represent the whole country, yet it was large enough to demonstrate that “race matters even in a time and context during which police departments generally, and white officers in particular, know they are under close scrutiny by the media and the public”.

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