Mother Dolphin Adopts Baby Whale – First Known Case

Mother Dolphin Adopts Baby Whale, Still Cares For It After Several Years

MOTHER DOLPHIN ADOPTS BABY WHALE – Truly, a mother’s love transcends all walks of life be it humans or our animal counterparts.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen unique friendships between animals of different species. Some dogs befriends and gets close to a cat, or even birds and their feline predators.

However, this was the first-ever case of an animal adopting another from another species. The first known case of its kind was recorded when a bottlenose dolphin adopted a baby whale back in 2014.

Mother Dolphin Adopts Baby Whale – First Known Case
Image from: Kingdoms TV

Since, then, the adopted family was still spotted together. Furthermore, the baby whale was first seen along side was seemed to be the whale mother’s own biological calf.

While adoption in the wild does exists, the chances of this happening is extremely slim. Moreover, most of these cases occur with related members of the same species.

As such, scientists remain perplexed at the idea of adoption in the animal kingdom as it would be considered as a behavior unique to mankind.

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