Lawyer Shares Photo of Signage Inside Mini Bus in Hong Kong “Huwag makipag-usap ng malakas sa likod ng driver”


Pinoy Lawyer Flexes Unusual Signage Inside Mini Bus in Hong Kong A Pinoy lawyer has shared a photo of an unusual signage inside a mini bus in Hong Kong that reads, “Huwag makipag-usap ng malakas sa likod ng driver”. Catto Han, a Facebook user, shared a photo of hilarious signage he found inside a minibus … Read more

Teacher Shares Inspiring Journey: “From Construction to the Classroom”


Former Construction Worker Becomes Teacher Teacher Alex Layda, known as “Teacher Dawn” shared his inspiring journey from being a construction worker into an educator. The male educator shared his journey, admitting that becoming a teacher wasn’t initially in his dreams. If he had her way, he would have pursued a career in the creative industry. … Read more

Drag Queen Captivating Katkat Recounts Encounter With Waiter Calling Her ‘Sir’

Captivating Katkat

Captivating Katkat recalls an encounter with a waiter CAPTIVATING KATKAT – A drag queen from Drag Race Philippines Season 2, recently shared her experience at a Japanese restaurant, which drew various reactions on social media. In a Facebook post, Katkat Dasalla recounted how a waiter repeatedly referred to her as ‘sir’ despite her giving him … Read more

Teacher Brings Furbaby at School “Ang hirap maging ama at maging guro”


Male Teacher Goes Viral For Bringing Furbaby at School A male teacher goes viral online and elicits comments after bringing his furbaby to school, saying, “Ang hirap maging ama at maging guro”. For centuries, cats have captured our hearts and minds. These domesticated felines are known for their independence, agility, and distinct personalities, making them … Read more

Gabby and Sharon Share a Hug on Stage

Gabby and Sharon shared stage briefly

Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta Shared the Stage Briefly on Friday GABBY AND SHARON – Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta shared the stage briefly on Friday, September 15 in a press conference for their upcoming concert “Dear Heart.” They were seen sharing a short hug after Gabby asked, “Pwede ba mag hug?” before leaving the … Read more

Netizen Creates a ‘Hilarious’ 1K Meal Plan: “Kung may sukli pa ‘yan, pwedeng i-save sa bangko”

meal plan

Benj Ramos’ 1K meal plan 1K MEAL PLAN – A netizen named Benj Ramos turned to social media to share his version of the 1K weekly meal plan, inspired by Neri Miranda’s. Earlier, the actress-turned-businesswoman took to Facebook to share an example of her weekly meal plan, operating on a budget of P1000. In the … Read more

Bogart TV Returns Jollibee Claim Buzzer, Issues Public Apology

Bogart TV

Bogart TV: “Nabalik napo namin yung buzzer ng jollibee na nakalimutan po naming ibigay sa nag ayos po ng order namin” BOGART TV – The content creator recently shared that he returned Jollibee’s claim buzzer after he accidentally brought home the item. The content creator posted a series of photos on his “Kidd Millari” Facebook … Read more

Bogart TV Facebook Page “Missing”?

Bogart TV

BOGART TV — The Facebook page of content creator Bogart TV was allegedly missing after he posted about him accidentally bringing home the Jollibee claim buzzer. A certain Philippine Daily Memequirer said in a Facebook post that netizens allegedly mass reported Bogart TV’s Facebook page because of what happened on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. Although … Read more

Student Claims ‘Deserve ko magkape’ After Receiving 2/30 Exam Score


Student Garners Various Reactions for Exclaiming ‘Deserve ko magkape’ After Receiving 2/30 Exam Score TEST SCORE – A male student jokingly exclaimed ‘Deserve ko magkape’ after receiving 2/30 exam score. Onin Baliza, a Facebook user, has shared a photo of his exam score. The post immediately spread like wildfire online after it was posted on … Read more