Mystery Animal Spotted at Rio Grande Valley

mystery animal

Mystery animal at Rio Grande Valley MYSTERY ANIMAL – A mysterious creature was spotted at the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park in Texas, USA. The Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park recently shared on Facebook a photo of a mysterious animal captured on their game camera. The park staff expressed their confusion in identifying the creature, … Read more

Pinoy Garbage Collector Picks Up Rolex Worth PHP300,000


Rolext worth P300K found by Pinoy garbage collector in Japan VINTAGE WATCH – A Filipino garbage collector seemed to have won the lottery after picking up a Rolex worth P300,000. Chris (not his real name), a garbage collector in Japan, stumbled upon a vintage watch while collecting garbage from abandoned houses. Chris shared photos of … Read more

Salon in Pampanga Pays Customers for Getting Haircut

Pampanga salon

Pampanga salon pays cusotmers for getting haircut PAMPANGA – A salon in the province is paying customers who would like their hair to be cut. A haircut is a simple but transformative act that can change a person’s appearance and boost their confidence. It involves trimming or cutting one’s hair to achieve a desired style … Read more