Student Shares Creepy Voice Recorded During Video Presentation

Creepy Voice Captured on Video Presentation During Class Report

A male student goes viral and elicits comments online after sharing a creepy voice recorded while filming a class report.

Recently, Phillip Buaya, a Facebook user, shared a creepy experience involving a strange voice recorded while they were filming a class report. The post quickly went viral, garnering various reactions online.

Buaya explained that he recorded a video during a classmate’s report preparation around 7 a.m. While setting up the presentation, Buaya started recording, introducing the reporter in the video. However, he didn’t notice the creepy voice until reviewing the video.

Creepy Voice

In his post, Buaya expressed his unease, mentioning that every time he played the video, it sent shivers down his spine. He recounted that although there were others present at the time, he was sure the voice didn’t belong to any of them.

Phillip explained that the voice sounded too close to the phone, even though the person speaking was far away.

Buaya admitted that he had sensed something eerie in the video for a while but only decided to share it now to hear others’ opinions. He thinks whether it was an audio malfunction or glitch, someone nearby speaking, or something beyond their understanding that wanted to be included in the video.

The post ended with a request to cover the faces of those in the video for privacy reasons.

Creepy Voice

Here is the full post:

“Hello mga Guys. I just wanna share this video I recorded earlier today around 7AM, coz this video really creeps me out every time iplay nako. The story behind why nagrecord kog video is akong classmate nag ask na videohan sya kay report niya, and while ginaprepare ang ppt nag start nakog record, as you can hear sa video nag introduce ko sa reporter, and wala jud ko kanotice sa creepy voice na niapil sa video, naa koy kauban ana that time pero sure ko na dili na iyang voice kay aside sa babae sya, layo pud sya sa phone, kay if paminawon jud nimo og maayo ang creepy voice kusog kaayo, probably doul sya sa phone or dool kaayo sya akoa para marecord ing ato ka kusog. Actually, dugay pa nako sya napansin na naay something sa video. Now, ginashare nako ni na video to hear your thoughts guys, is this something na audio malfunctions/glitch or someone near me nistorya or naa jud something na we cannot see og gusto mo join sa video? Unsa inyong thoughts guys?

Ps. Gitabunan nako ilang dagway for privacy purposes.”

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The online community expressed their thoughts and theories on what could have caused the creepy voice to appear in the recording:  

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