Why We Should Say ‘No’ to Cheating in Relationships


Why Cheating Is Destructive to Relationships Cheating should never be accepted in a relationship because it can cause serious harm and damage the strong bond between partners. Imagine a relationship like a precious flower. Cheating is like a weed that can grow and take away the sunlight and water that the flower needs to bloom. … Read more

EXpecially For You Segment of It’s Showtime Elicits Mixed Reactions: “Awkward!”

EXpecially For You

Netizens are expressing mixed reactions to the “EXpecially For You” segment on It’s Showtime EXPECIALLY FOR YOU – The newest segment of It’s Showtime has sparked varied reactions among netizens. The noontime show recently introduced this segment featuring the former couple Christian or CJ and Ecca, who gained fame through a viral video capturing their … Read more

KathNiel Breakup Featured in Homily of Priest


A priest features the breakup of KathNiel during his homily KATHNIEL BREAKUP – The breakup of showbiz couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla was featured in the homily of a priest. It was on Thursday, November 30, when actress Kathryn Bernardo confirmed the end of her long-time relationship with her boyfriend Daniel Padilla. Sharing throwback … Read more

Xander Arizala Sends Message to Kathryn Bernardo Amid Breakup with Daniel Padilla

Xander Ford

Here’s the message of Xander Arizala to Kathryn Bernardo XANDER ARIZALA – The social media personality took to Instagram wherein he shared the message he sent to Kathryn Bernardo amid her breakup with Daniel Padilla. In his message to ‘Kathryn Bernardo Official’ on Facebook, Xander sent a supportive message to the actress during her widely … Read more

Skusta Clee Dragged Into KathNiel Breakup

Skusta Clee

Singer-rapper Skusta Clee dragged into the breakup of KathNiel SKUSTA CLEE – The singer-rapper whose real name is Daryl Ruiz has been dragged into the breakup of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla popularly known as KathNiel. This comes after social media personality Xian Gaza pointed out that when Daniel Padilla, who is considered attractive, was … Read more

Kathryn Bernardo’s Sister Shares a Cryptic Post About “Karma” Amid Kathniel Breakup

Kathryn Bernardo

Amid the KathNiel breakup, the sister of Kathryn Bernardo shared a cryptic post about “karma” Kaye Bernardo – The sister of Kathryn Bernardo took to social media where she shared a cryptic post about “karma” amid the breakup of KathNiel. On Thursday, November 30, actress Kathryn Bernardo confirmed the end of her long-time relationship with … Read more