STRAY CAT: Here’s How To Drive Away Cats that Destroy your Garden Plants

Guide on How To Drive Away Stray Cat from Entering your Garden

STRAY CAT – Here are some tips on how to drive away stray cats from entering your garden and destroying your garden plants.

Undeniably, in the Philippines, there are a lot of stray animals. They are roaming around the streets and would sometimes enter houses, gardens, or private vicinities. Most of the time, they do it in search for food or shelter.

Many people feel pity towards these stray animals with no houses to go home to and no food to eat at times. It is never acceptable to hurt these animals most especially if they are only into finding food or shelter and not hurting anyone.

However, truth also be told that some of these stray animals may really be a headache. There are stray cats which are into breaking fences of gardens and pooping just everywhere. There are also those who love to destroy plants.

Stray Cat Garden
Photo Credit: FreePik

It is against the law to hurt animals. Meanwhile, there are ways that you can drive away a stray cat without hurting it. How?

Based on an article on Pep, a gardening expert from United Kingdom, Richard Jackson, shared that used tea bags are among those that can drive away a stray cat or fox. According to Jackson, cats and foxes don’t like strong scent with menthol.

The gardening expert suggests placing used tea bags in problematic parts in the garden like where a cat usually poops. Based on the article, he suggests that it would be covered with some soil sprinkles.

Jackson also revealed that you can soak these tea bags on peppermint or eucalyptus oil for a strong scent. The scent is expected to last for at least two (2) weeks even if it would rain.

Aside from using used tea bags, a fence that is at least six (6) feet tall and buried in the ground can also help guard your garden. The gardening expert also expressed a reminder not to leave food, shoes, and toys in your garden as they can attract a stray cat or another stray animal. You may also have lavender or rosemary plants in your garden as they have strong scent that can drive away stray animals.

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