Why Do Cats Hate Water — What Cat Owners Need To Know about their Feline

WHY DO CATS HATE WATER – There are lots of things that cat owners should know including the reason why they really hate water.

New cat owners may be surprised that cats actually hate water. Most often, it is a challenge to bathe them. It is important to know the root behind the cat’s madness towards bathing and water.

Why Cats Hate Water? Here’s Why Your Feline Will Do Everything to Avoid Bathing

Reasons Why Cats Hate Water, Refuse Bathing Even on Sunny Days

WHY CATS HATE WATER – Here are the reasons why your feline is willing to do everything just to avoid bathing even on a sunny day.

While other people are into dogs, there are also many individuals who love having cats at home. In most cases, these people are impressed by the loving and sweet nature of cats.

Most domestic cats are well-behaved at home – except if they see Mr. Mouse running around the house. They can crash on anything just to be able to catch the mouse. To their owners, they can be the sweetest.

Cat-lovers also consider cats as their kids or members of the family. Their welfare is a part of the considerations – their diet, safety, and comfort at home are prioritized, too.

Why Cats Hate Water

However, truth be told that there is at least one thing that makes a lot of cat owners wonder – why cats hate water? Do you have cats at home and you can hardly bathe your feline?

As to the answer to why cats hate water, based on an article on Britannica, domestic cats usually spend most of their time grooming themselves. Some behaviorists believe that there are some cats that are unfamiliar with water.

Wet fur may also weigh heavy on cats and they do not like it. It makes them feel uncomfortable and their fur usually takes a long time to dry thus they will do everything to avoid taking a bath. Wet fur can make them less nimble and easier to be caught by their predators.

Furthermore, there is also a chance that some cats hate water due to a certain shock factor caused by a past experience. For example, when your cat fell into the bathtub the last time you bathed it, your feline may remember and get scared of going through the same experience.

Meanwhile, not all felines and cats are afraid of taking of bath. In fact, there are felines like tigers that love to dip in the water on a sunny day.

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