CAT BATH: Here’s a Guide in Bathing Your Cats at Home

CAT BATH – Here is a guide in bathing your cats at home so you can save money from grooming services without harming your cat and yourself.

Bathing a cat undeniably requires the double the efforts. It is mainly because bathing and nail trimming are among the things that most cats do not love most especially those that are not used to it. However, both of these are important.

How To Bathe A Cat

Guide on How To Bathe A Cat To Help It Clean Itself

HOW TO BATHE A CAT – Are you planning to help your cat clean itself by giving it a bath?

Most cat and dog owners treat their pets like children as they are really like kids. They have to be fed, they may need assistance in bathing, they also need vitamins to stay healthy, they play, and a lot more.

That is why people who love cats and dogs treat them not just as animals as part of the family. Their welfare, safety, and health are among the priorities in the household.

However, there is a quite difference between having a cat and a dog. Unlike having a dog, having a cat does not require the owner to really exert a lot of efforts bathing it. It has the natural instinct to clean itself.

How To Bathe A Cat

Furthermore, most cats do not really smell. They are self-sufficient animals and they can groom themselves by simply licking their fur to clean it. Meanwhile, in cases when you really want to help your cat most especially if it is already old or it has very long fur, you may give your cat a bath.

How to bathe a cat? On another side, unlike dogs, you have to be extra careful in bathing a cat as they may be more sensitive to water. If you have a shallow basin, use it rather than bathing your cat inside a bath tub that may arise concerns for the cat.

Based on Better Homes & Gardens, before bathing a cat, it is advisable to trim its nails first as one of the situations with a huge possibility that the animal will scratch you is when you are bathing it.

Also, use a cap in pouring water on its body but be careful not to pour on the head or areas near it. It can make the cat upset. Instead, in the head area, use a washcloth in cleaning it.

Don’t forget to prepare a towel. Give your cat a good rub after bathing most especially if it has very thick fur. Some cats may need a blow dry too – if it is comfortable with the sound of the blower.

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