How Long Are Cats Pregnant

Wondering How Long Are Cats Pregnant? Here’s A Guide

HOW LONG ARE CATS PREGNANT – Is your cat pregnant? Here is a guide on how many weeks you will have to wait for your feline to give birth.

Are you one of those people who love having cats at home? Many individuals like this furry creatures and treat them not as pet but as part of the family.

Cats are among the most loving animals. They would usually want to be near their humans and seldom plays with other creatures. They also do not mess a lot unless they saw something they believe they really have to run after – like rats.

How Long Are Cats Pregnant

If you have male and female cats at home, there is a big tendency that the latter will get pregnant. Truths be told that cats multiply fast – most especially those unsupervised cats that live outdoors and jump roof to rood.

In fact, it became a curiosity to a lot of people how outdoor cats can rapidly multiply in number despite their habit of jumping from roof to roof amid their pregnancy.

How long are cats pregnant? Based on Web MD, cats usually give birth between to 63 to 65 days of pregnancy. However, it is better to keep an eye on them beginning the 56th day as other feline may deliver the kittens early.

Also, the number of days that a cat is pregnant may be irregular. It is really possible that on the cat’s first pregnancy, it gave birth on the 63rd day and then on the 65th day on its second pregnancy.

To check if your cat is pregnant, the best thing to do is bring it to a veterinary clinic. An ultrasound and an x-ray can help determine whether or not your feline is carrying puppies on the inside.

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