How Long Do Cats Live

Answer To “How Long Do Cats Live?” Question of Most Feline Owners

HOW LONG DO CATS LIVE – Are you wondering how long is the maximum time that your feline can be with you? Here’s a range of their lifespan.

A lot of people are into cats. It is one of the most loving creatures that love to be on the lap of its owner and seldom scatters around – unless it sees something it can’t resist to run after.

How Long Do Cats Live

Cat is a domestic specie belonging to the group of carnivores. It is usually called as “domestic cat” to distinguish it from the wild members of the said specie. It can be a house cat, a feral cat, or a farm cat.

Cats have strong flexible bodies, sharp teeth, retractable claws, and quick reflexes. It is the animal that can jump from roof to roof at quick pacing. It has a night vision and a strong sense of smell.

When it comes to its body size, a cat has an average of 46 centimeters head-to-body length and 24 centimeters in height. Males are usually larger than females like in other animals. Domestic cats usually weigh between four to five kilograms.

Cats have very large eye sockets and a powerful jaw. There are teeth designed for tearing meat between its jaw. Do you know that cats walk on the toes? Yes, they are digitigrade.

With regards to how long do cats live, they average figure is from 10 to 15 years. The lifespan may vary depending on the health and environment of the cat.

Based on Pet MD, as to how long do unsupervised cats outdoors live, they usually survive up to seven (7) years. Those indoor cats usually live 14 years.

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