MINGMING – Security Cat at WCC Passes Away

Mingming, the security cat at WCC succumbed to illness

MINGMING – The beloved security cat at the Worldwide Corporate Center (WCC) in Mandaluyong City, has sadly passed away after falling ill.

The news of Mingming’s passing was shared on a Facebook page created by the caretakers at WCC. The said page is dedicated to the viral feline. According to the caretakers, Mingming had developed gingivitis, which prompted them to seek veterinary care for the cat. Despite receiving treatment, Mingming’s health did not improve, and the cat eventually succumbed to the illness.

The Facebook page honoring Mingming expressed heartfelt sentiments, bidding farewell to the beloved feline companion. The post wished Mingming to soar high and play among the angels and other furry friends in heaven.

“Fly high and play to all fur and angels in heaven (cat emoji) SG Mingming no more pain now, thank you for all the memories and moment that you shared with us, youre always in our hearts, your memory will live on forever, we will miss you so much, thank you and goodbye SG Mingming,” the post noted.

Mingming first gained attention back in January when Balita, a news outlet, highlighted the cat’s unique role as a security guard at WCC. Mingming would bring an extra dose of positivity and joy to both employees and customers of the corporate center every morning.

Prior to becoming a security cat, Mingming was a stray cat that wandered around the parking area near the food court. Over time, Mingming developed a strong attachment to the WCC building, making friends with the administration staff, security personnel, housekeeping team, and employees. Lala Buenaflor, the Mall Head of WCC, shared in an interview with Balita that Mingming truly felt like the building was its own home, leaving a lasting impact on everyone it encountered.

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