Fur Dad Asks for Help for the Surgery of His Cat: “Nabubulok na yung mga baby cat niya sa loob ng tyan”

Fur dad asks for help with the surgery of his beloved cat

JAIRA’S SURGERY – A fur dad named Jeff Cezar took to the social networking site, Facebook wherein he reached out to netizens to seek a little help for his cat named Jaira.

Unfortunately, Jaira’s babies inside her belly have passed away, and the situation has turned critical as the unborn kittens are beginning to decay. Urgent surgery is required, and the amount of money needed is quite significant. The veterinarian has informed Jeff that the surgery costs around 10,000 pesos, covering the surgical procedure itself, confinement, and medications.

Jeff is humbly asking for assistance to help him gather funds for Jaira’s operation. Having recently graduated and is currently on the hunt for employment, he does not have the necessary funds for the surgery at the moment. He sincerely appreciates anyone who can extend help in any form.

His post garnered reactions from the netizens. One netizen expressed interest in helping Jeff with the financial aspect of the operation. As of now, Jeff has not provided an update on how much they have managed to accumulate for Jaira’s surgery.

Meanwhile, when a kitten dies inside the womb of a cat, natural processes are triggered in the mother’s body, potentially resulting in fetal resorption or mummification. Fetal resorption involves the cat’s immune system identifying the deceased fetus as foreign and breaking it down, mitigating infection risks. This process is not visible externally as the body converts the kitten into nutrients.

Alternatively, if not reabsorbed, mummification occurs due to dehydration, resulting in a preserved, leathery fetus. This typically happens when limited space or reduced blood flow leads to fetal death.

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