Student Expresses Dismay After Cat Eat His Graduation Certificate

Disappointed Student Gets Shocked After Their Cat Eat His Graduation Certificate

A student expressed his dismay after their cat eats and tears his graduation certificate into pieces, other netizens shared similar photos.

Most students value their diploma or graduation certificate as a fruit of their hardships and difficulties at school. It is also one of the requirements when applying for a job as a proof of your educational attainment.

A lot of people were even placing their graduation certificates inside a frame and usually hang it at their house to display their achievement. It is considered as one of the best documents that graduates could ever have.


Recently, a Twitter user named Afif Adlan Bin Mohammad Hanafiah has shared the photo of his graduation certificate, which has been eaten by his cat. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

However, the cat did not even show any remorse at all after her activity. The cat has been identified as Mika. The disappointed student lectured his car for what she have done to his diploma.

Hanafiah is a graduate of finance, accounting, and management from the University of Nottingham in Nottingham. He captioned his post with: “My cat… ate my degree. Of all the useless papers in my room, he ate my degree!


Other netizens have also shared similar photos:


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