Cat Clings to Car Door to Survive Flooding in Dubai


To survive flooding in Dubai, a cat was found clinging to a car door DUBAI – Amidst heavy rain, a cat was found clinging to a car door, and rescuers managed to retrieve it from the flooded streets. This unusual event occurred as Dubai experienced an unusually large amount of rainfall, equivalent to two years’ … Read more

Teacher Brings Furbaby at School “Ang hirap maging ama at maging guro”


Male Teacher Goes Viral For Bringing Furbaby at School A male teacher goes viral online and elicits comments after bringing his furbaby to school, saying, “Ang hirap maging ama at maging guro”. For centuries, cats have captured our hearts and minds. These domesticated felines are known for their independence, agility, and distinct personalities, making them … Read more

Sad-looking Cat With a Pitiful Expression Goes Viral


A cat with a pitiful expression captured the attention of netizens SAD GIRL YARN? – A sad-looking cat with a pitiful expression brought good vibes to netizens. The feline was captured via photo by a certain ester Abayon, 25, from Caloocan City. He shared that the cat named “Miming” has been wandering around the warehouse … Read more

Man Riding a Bicycle With a Cat Perched on His Shoulder, Holding Onto His Head Goes Viral

adorable cat

An adorable cat on a man riding a bicycle ADORABLE FELINE – A man riding a bicycle with a cat perched on his shoulder, firmly holding onto his head has caught the attention of netizens. Cats are known for their irresistible charm and captivating personalities, making them truly adorable creatures. With their graceful movements, soft … Read more

Robber Points Gun at Helpless Homeowner to Steal His Pet Cats


Intruder Got Arrested After Pointing Gun at Helpless Homeowner to Steal His Pet Cats A heartless robber broke into a house in Michigan and pointed a gun at the helpless homeowner to steal his cats. The Laurium Police Department reported that a 52-year-old unnamed intruder entered the house of his male victim in Michigan on … Read more

Student Expresses Dismay After Cat Eat His Graduation Certificate


Disappointed Student Gets Shocked After Their Cat Eat His Graduation Certificate A student expressed his dismay after their cat eats and tears his graduation certificate into pieces, other netizens shared similar photos. Most students value their diploma or graduation certificate as a fruit of their hardships and difficulties at school. It is also one of … Read more