Heartbroken Lady Sent Tons of Onions to Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend

Heartbroken Lady

Heartbroken Lady Takes Revenge & Sent Huge Amount of Onions to Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend HEARTBROKEN LADY – A heartbroken lady sent tons of onions to her ex-boyfriend to make him burst into tear after making her cry. The online website Shandong Net reported that the heartbroken woman with a surname Zhao from China has been … Read more

Woman Wore Sanitized Hippo Suit Just To Hug Her Mom


Desperate Woman Wears Sanitized Hippo Suit Just To Hug Her Mom at Nursing Home SANITIZED HIPPO SUIT – A desperate woman wore a sanitized hippo suit just to hug her beloved mother amid the coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, different regions all across the world are implementing stricter rules and regulations to contain the spread of the … Read more

Pet Owners Officially Announce Death Of Hank, The ‘Adorable Mini Pig’

Pet Owners

Pet Owners Officially Announced The Death Of Hank, The ‘Adorable Mini Pig’ Pet owners officially announced that Hank, the “adorable mini pig” who went viral on social media because of his cuteness, has died. This, as Hank’s “parents” posted an announcement on Facebook (via My Best Friend Hank), announcing that Hank passed away Monday morning. … Read more

Pampanga Residents Defy Social Distancing Rules Just to Get P1,000 Coupon

Pampanga Residents

Disturbing Photos of Pampanga Residents Violating Social Distancing Rules Just to Get P1,000 Coupon Elicits Comment Online MABALACAT, PAMPANGA – Pampanga residents defy the social distancing measures just to get a P1,000 coupon worth of groceries. Over the past few weeks, a lot of Filipino people are desperate to get the social amelioration cash assistance … Read more

Videographer Gets “Kilig” After Young Couple See Each Other After ECQ


Young Couple See Each Other After Lockdown, Videographer Gets “Kilig” After Witnessing the Romantic Scene A certain videographer gets ‘kilig’ and excited after he witnessed how a young couple see each other after the enhanced community quarantine. A few months ago, President Rodrigo Duterte has declared the Philippines under a state of calamity and placed … Read more

Kim Chiu Releases ‘Bawal Lumabas’ Track As An Official Song

Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu Releases “Bawal Lumabas” Track In Collaboration With Adrian Crisanto and DJ Squammy Actress Kim Chiu on Monday evening released his latest single “Bawal Lumabas” in collaboration with Adrian Crisanto and DJ Squammy. This, as Kim Chiu uploaded her latest single on her YouTube channel, which already has over 680,000 views as of this … Read more

Thai Actor Works As Grab Food Rider to Feed Family Amid Health Crisis

Thai Actor

Thai Actor Pheerawas Khunlanunthwatn Works As Grab Food Rider to Earn Money for Family GRAD FOOD RIDER – The Thai Actor Pheerawas Khunlanunthwatn is currently working as a Grab Food rider to support his family amid the health crisis. Pheerawas Khunlanunthwatn or popularly known as ‘Amp’ start to work as Grab Food employee and accept … Read more

Convenience Store Employee Sprays Disinfectant to Lady Customer’s Eyes

Convenience Store Employee

Video of Convenience Store Employee Spraying Disinfectant to Lady Customer’s Eyes Elicits Comments Online The video footage of a convenience store employee who accidentally sprayed disinfectant to a lady customer’s eyes goes viral and elicits comments online. Over the past few months, the Philippine government, private organizations, and even business establishments are already implementing stricter … Read more