Young Banana Vendor Earns Praises for Working While Attending Online Class

Young Banana Vendor

Netizens Lauded Young Banana Vendor for Working While Attending Online Class A young banana vendor has earned praises and admiration online for working while attending his online class. During this modern generation, a lot kids are enjoying their childhood in a convenient life experiencing the love and care from their parents. Some of them are … Read more

Young Boy Gets Temporary Lizard Tattoo After Sleeping While Studying

Young Boy Goes Viral After Waking Up w/ Temporary Lizard Tattoo on His Cheek As He Fall Asleep While Studying A young boy gets shocked for getting a temporary imprinted lizard tattoo after sleeping on one side while he is studying. A lot of people really know the hardships and difficulties experienced by the students … Read more

Toddler Impresses Public For Memorizing Flags of 195 Countries

Rain Leonheart Angeles

4-Year-Old Toddler Memorizes Flags of 195 Countries & All Planets in Solar System A male toddle impressed the public for memorizing the flags of 195 countries and the planets in the solar system. A four-year-old boy named Rain Leonheart Angeles of Tarlac City impressed the viewers after memorizing the flags of 195 countries. He was able … Read more

Young Boy Risks Own Life to Save Poor Kitten From Drowning

Young Boy

Young Boy Hailed as ‘Hero’ After Risking Own Life to Save Poor Kitten From Drowning A young boy has been hailed as “Hero” after risking his own life just to save a poor kitten from drowning in the storm drain. Nowadays, a lot of kids and teenagers were only thinking of themselves due to their … Read more

Adorable Kid Answers His Module Using “Eeny, Meeny Miny, Moe”

Adorable Kid

Video of Adorable Kid Using “Eeny, Meeny Miny, Moe” to Answer his Module Goes Viral The video footage of an adorable kid who is answering his self-learning module using “Eeny, Meeny Miny, Moe” circulate online. Throughout this week, a lot of videos of students answering their self-learning modules become the most trending topics on social … Read more