Young Boy Accidentally Breaks Expensive Teletubby Figure

Young Boy Gets Shocked After He Accidentally Breaks Expensive Teletubby Figure

TELETUBBY SCARE – A young boy accidentally breaks an expensive Teletubby figure at a toy store in Mon Kok, Hong Kong.

A 39-year-old Hong Kong man named Cheng Pok-man reported that his son Lucas was in shock after a 1.8-meter-tall statue collapsed and broke into pieces. The figure reportedly fell after the boy lightly leaned on it.

The Teletubby statue golden Laa-Laa doll reportedly costs more than HK$52,000 (US$6,624). The kid’s parents were asked to pay for the broken toy at a discounted price of HK$33,600 (US$4,281).

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Cheng Pok-man was on a call outside the store when he heard a loud bang and saw the broken toy. He immediately paid for the toy but got offended after the shop staff told him that the kid kicked the sculpture.

The couple checked the store’s CCTV footage and witnessed how the boy leaned on the unguarded statue. The boy tried to pull it back from falling but he failed to do and it crashed to the floor.

The father lambasted the store employee for accusing his son of kicking the statue and demand a refund. The guy claimed that the store should have protected the sculpture by labeling it as fragile.

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“My son was motionless, he was just staring down at the toy. My son was so terrified after the incident that he had to skip school. He asked me why the sculpture looked scary,” Cheng said.

KK Plus shop owners stated that the compensation has been made and the toy is only for viewing and it could not withstand pressure.

The management said that the figure has been displayed since November last year and it does not cause any inconvenience to the customers.

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