Young Boy Accidentally Breaks Expensive Teletubby Figure

Young Boy

Young Boy Gets Shocked After He Accidentally Breaks Expensive Teletubby Figure TELETUBBY SCARE – A young boy accidentally breaks an expensive Teletubby figure at a toy store in Mon Kok, Hong Kong. A 39-year-old Hong Kong man named Cheng Pok-man reported that his son Lucas was in shock after a 1.8-meter-tall statue collapsed and broke … Read more

Imports From Hong Kong Will Be Labeled As ‘Made In China’, Says US Customs

Hong Kong

Imports from Hong Kong will be labeled as “Made in China”, according to US customs. US customs authorities stated that goods that were imported from Hong Kong will be marked “Made in China” in order to be sold in the United States. The said move was part of Washington’s punitive response to its “sweeping clampdown” … Read more

nCoV Death Toll Hits 720 As Cruise Ship Faces Two-week Quarantine

Death Toll

The death toll from the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak rose to 720 people on Saturday as China seethed over an epidemic that created global panic. This, after another 81 people died of illness in central Hubei province and more than 34,000 people have been infected by the 2019 novel coronavirus. The death toll already surpassed … Read more