Young Boy Runs to Dad’s Grave to Show Excellence Award

Heartbreaking Video of Young Boy Running to Dad’s Grave to Show Excellence Award Breaks Hearts of Netizens

A young boy quickly runs to the cemetery to show his excellence award to his dad’s grave, which breaks the hearts of the netizens.

A TikTok user named “arysu87” has shared the video footage of a young boy who runs to the cemetery while carrying his excellence award to his dad’s grave. The video quickly circulates online.

The lady netizen Arysu has shared the footage of her 10-year-old son named Haziq who excitedly runs across the cemetery to show his excellence award to his dad’s grave. She said that her son is so excited to show his achievements.

Young Boy

Haziq did not mind although his father passed away and enthusiastically presented his award at the grave, his dad died due to an accident in 2021. He is still grieving and missing his father up to the present time.

The kid understands that his father won’t come back to life and he decided that life must go on. He continue to visit his dad’s grave from time to time to show his grades.

“Thank you for praying for me and my late father, thank you very much,” Haziq said.

Some netizens commented to the post:

This got me emotional early morning. I never got my father’s love as when I was young, my father had already passed on. Now I give my children lots of love so that they can feel it

This is sad but the child is so strong. Even though his father has passed on, he is still strong and patient. I hope that you will succeed and congratulations

Young Boy

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